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If you are the owner of a property in Costa Rica and offer it for rent, you should know that Law No. 9635 (the Law for Strengthening Public Finances) introduced new obligations that you must comply with. Leases in Costa Rica are governed by Law No. 7527 (Urban and Suburban

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The CR Congress approved a moratorium for the penalties to be imposed for non compliance with the new VAT imposed with the recent tax package. Please note that the moratorium is applicable only to the penalties to be imposed and the administrative proceedings (Proceedings by Hacienda against the business or

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The approval of the new Tax Package (Law 9635) from Asamblea Legislativa (Costa Rican Congress) introduced new taxes or extended the implementation of existing taxes with the purpose to increase the revenue of the Costa Rican Government. As many of you know, the Government has been struggling to make ends

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