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The following is a list of commonly asked questions regarding obtaining residency in Costa Rica: Is it true that there are various residency categories? That is correct. One cannot simply apply for residency; one must apply for one of the many distinct residency categories our law offers. An applicant must

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Case Reviews: Spotting the Usual Mistakes in Residency Applications

Here at Outlier Legal Services, we receive numerous calls from expats whom have handled the residency process on their own or perhaps have hired help from someone in the community and find themselves stuck in a years-long process that become too cumbersome and stressful to handle. The service of requesting

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One of the most challenging parts of residency is obtaining the required documents. Other documents may be required depending on your category, but for now we are only covering birth and marriage certificates and background checks from North America. Birth and Marriage Certificates Birth and marriage certificates from the United

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