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The Costa Rican real estate industry is growing slowly due to the economic slowdown that our country is currently going through. However, there still are plenty of real estate projects being developed in urban and rural areas and, of course, they come with a lot of benefits and amenities which

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If you are the owner of a property in Costa Rica and offer it for rent, you should know that Law No. 9635 (the Law for Strengthening Public Finances) introduced new obligations that you must comply with. Leases in Costa Rica are governed by Law No. 7527 (Urban and Suburban

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The number of square meters built as condominiums grew almost seven times in the last decade, according to data from the Costa Rican Chamber of Construction, since the total area used for housing in 2000, 13% were condominiums and the rest, single-family options. Meanwhile, already for 2009, the condominiums represented

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President Carlos Alvarado signed today an act of Congress suspending the evictions in the Maritime Zone. The purpose of the law is to create a moratorium for the evictions for a period of 36 months. Please note that this only a moratorium, upon expiration of the 36 months the government

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