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The OMAVAD Foundation is part of the Outlier Legal Services Group. It was created on November 24, 2018. The purpose of OMAVAD is to generate a positive impact in Costa Rica by assisting in education, environmental causes, as well as supporting the arts, and science. OMAVAD aims to be a

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As many of you know, Congress passed approved the bill to bring the corporate tax back to live through Law No. 9,428. The tax will be enforceable starting on September 1st, and for this current year, the payment will be prorated for the remaining months of the year. Who should

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The simplest way to put it is that immigration regulations are to humans what cages are to birds. All throughout human history, the human species has been migrating from one place to another. Migration is inherent to human nature. Creating a barrier in the ocean preventing whales from migrating from

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