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The solidarity tax, also known as the “tax on luxury homes,” was created by Law No. 8683 on November 19, 2008 and had been in effect since October 1, 2009. The official title of this tax is the Solidarity Tax to Strengthen Housing Programs. This tax was created to fund

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The current technological revolution includes mobile applications for all kinds of services, from buying food and objects which you receive at your door, a ride around town and even non-traditional renting. In Costa Rica the latter type of service had not been regulated until the middle of the month of

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Costa Rica is a country rich in biodiversity: forests, beaches, mangroves, and wildlife are among the many natural resources protected by the state through solid environmental legislation. The extensive coastal zone includes two oceans and extends throughout the country. The Law on Maritime Zone No. 6043 establishes guidelines the protection

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The Costa Rican real estate industry is growing slowly due to the economic slowdown that our country is currently going through. However, there still are plenty of real estate projects being developed in urban and rural areas and, of course, they come with a lot of benefits and amenities which

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If you are the owner of a property in Costa Rica and offer it for rent, you should know that Law No. 9635 (the Law for Strengthening Public Finances) introduced new obligations that you must comply with. Leases in Costa Rica are governed by Law No. 7527 (Urban and Suburban

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The Costa Rican Congress introduced a bill to regulate non-traditional lodgings such as AirB&B or VRBO.   The Proposal The proposal for the law intends to regulate the short-term rentals or vacation rentals. It will be applicable to various types of properties, whether it is a home, an apartment, villas,

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There is the option of obtaining residency in Costa Rica through the purchase of real estate. Generally, this is called residency through investment as it requires making an “investment” of $200,000 USD in real estate. Many countries offer the option for foreigners to obtain residency or even in some instances

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With less than a month until Law 9635  (Law for Strengthening Public Finances) comes into effect, we have received a lot of questions and concerns regarding the implementation of the new law on day to day living. The simplest way to explain the upcoming changes could be through a modest

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The Condominium Property Law was born at a time when real estate developments were simpler: often a simple conversion of a building with a few residential apartments translated in the birth of a condo. Much things have changed since then. The market is much more demanding nowadays, people changing needs

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This is a recurring question among expats. We are going to address this issue from two perspectives, from a business perspective and from an expat perspective. Business Perspective Corporations have two primary purposes: To amass capital from different investors or partners for the furtherance of common business goals, and To

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