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The Immigration Department has issued Resolution N° DJUR-0031-03-2021-JM on March 03rd, 2021. This resolution confirms the extension of tourist entry stamps for "one final time." Immigration has confirmed that anyone who entered the country as a tourist from December 17th, 2019 onwards will be allowed to legally stay until June

Last-minute change!! - This has now been confirmed by Resolution N° DJUR-0031-03-2021-JM published on March 3rd, 2021.Costa Rica’s Board of Tourism ICT has published on their Facebook page, followed by Immigration a last-minute announcement saying that entry stamps for tourists who entered the country between December 17, 2019, and November

Costa Ricas' Government announced an update regarding the measures to face COVID crisis. One of the most important is the extension of the land borders closure, which means tourists won't be allowed to enter the country via Nicaragua or Panama.Only nationals and residents are able to cross land borders with

It is a unique situation these Covid days as Canada tightens its entry requirements and thus affecting many Canadians that are currently outside the country.Whether you are a resident, perpetual tourist, or have ended up on an unintentionally extended vacation here in Costa Rica - many Canadians are finding the

There have not been changes regarding the March 2nd, 2021, deadline for the tourist visas extension. In an effort to clarify questions related to the extension we have compiled this review.If You Have Benefited From The March 2 Extension: You cannot extend your stay further as you have already benefited

Currently, due to COVID crisis, you should take into consideration some points to ensure a smooth renewal process.Requesting DIMEX cards for renewal, except Temporary Residency based on Marriage, shall only be processed through the corresponding branches of Banco de Costa Rica (800 BCRCITA, o through www.bancobcr.com) and Correos de Costa

What we do is very easy to understand. We provide services. Why we do it is a little more complex, but at the same time, it is very simple.The what is important. The why is quintessential.During the COVID crisis, the Costa Rican government has implemented measures with the intention to

This article has been impacted by Resolution N° DJUR-0031-03-2021-JM announcing the extension of entry stamps for people who entered the country from December 18th, 2019 onwards until June 01st, 2021. We are working with Transportation to extend driving privileges until then.A lot has been said about the validity of entry

If you plan to travel by air into the United States, you will need to get tested no more than 72 hours (3 days) before your flight and show your negative result before you board. If you already recovered from COVID-19 in the last 90 days, you must show proof

Whilst Immigration officially announced on March 3rd, 2021 that tourist entry stamps have been extended until June 1st, 2021, there is a process to follow if you wish to file for Residency or any of the other available Immigration categories such as Estancia or Special Categories. This process has been

On January 11th, 2021 Immigration issued their latest resolution regarding Residency processing, tourist entry stamps, appointments at Immigration, etc.  You can read a summary here. They have been consistently publishing these resolutions since the COVID19 crisis began in March 2020.As you may recall, they started to extend the validity of

The Immigration Department issued Resolution N° DJUR-01-01-2021-JM, which nullifies or substitutes Resolution N° DJUR-0132-09-2020-JM.Important Considerations Immigration will no longer extend the entry stamps; hence, it is to be expected that Transportation will not extend entry stamps either. This considering that our Immigration Department is now open, processing Residencies and our

The following measures will apply to the entire country:Thursday, December 31st Vehicles may not circulate after 7:00 p.m., except for exceptions. During the day, only authorized plates (all except 7 and 8) may circulate. Businesses with a public health permit will be closed as of 7:00 p.m. and until 5:00

Attention: The situation mentioned in this article has been updated, go to the article Update on the Extension of Entry Stamps for further information.There seems to be a loophole to be able to stay in the country past the number of days granted at the airport or past the March

The National Commission for Vaccination and Epidemiology has established the risk criteria for the upcoming COVID-19 vaccine. Risk factors and chances of infecting others have been taken into consideration to establish the list of who be amongst the first to receive the vaccine.Consequently, the elderly who live in assisted homes

Costa Rica has reopened its air borders, allowing tourists and residents to travel in and out of the country. Please keep in mind everyone must comply with the entry requirements established, per category, otherwise you will not be allowed in. Every single traveler, including children, must meet the entry requirements.

Per CIRCULAR AJ-1945-11-2020-ABM, a slight change has been published regarding authorized entry to the country.Up until Friday, November 20th, 2020, people who had received the approval Resolution of their Residency were not allowed to enter the country as Residents but rather as tourists. This has now changed.People whose approval resolutions

We received clarification regarding the entry stamps granted in November.As the expat community knows, back in September Immigration issued Resolution N° DJUR-0132-09-2020-JM which stated that tourists (non-Residents, meaning anyone who does not hold a DIMEX card in their hands) who enter the country from December 18th, 2019 and until November

Considering the uncertainty generated around the driver's license issue, we reached the Department of Transportation (MOPT) to obtain clarification regarding the driver's licenses.We thus received a response, dated November 13, 2020 from the Vice Minister of Transportation Mr. Eduardo Brenes Mata who under advice by their legal department confirmed that

There is a Circular DVT-DGEV-CIR-2020-73 which was sent to MOPT by their Sub General Director Maria Eugenia Salazar Salaverry, stating that it is their obligation to recognize Immigration’s rules regarding the validity of entry stamps.The Circular specifically states that Transportation is obliged to respect the fact that per Resolution N°DJUR-0132-09-2020-JM,

If you are a legal resident and have a foreign driver's license, you can complete the procedure to homologate or validate this document at any of the 13 offices of the General Directorate of Road Education (MOPT): Heredia, Cartago, Nicoya, Liberia, Río Claro, Puntarenas, San Carlos, Alajuela, San Ramón, Pérez

The question regarding the driver's license extension has been answered. In July 2020, MOPT issued a Circular confirming that if you entered the country as a tourist after December 17, 2019, you can legally drive using a foreign driver’s license until November 18, 2020.Just nine days before the due date

Back in September of 2020 Immigration issued Resolution N° DJUR-0132-09-2020-JM which stated that tourists (non-Residents, meaning anyone who does not hold a DIMEX card in their hands) who enter the country between December 18th, 2019 and until November 30th, 2020 will be allowed to legally remain in Costa Rica until

As published by the President's Office yesterday, starting on November 1 and after the publication in the La Gaceta newspaper, foreigners who have an authorized legal stay under the immigration categories of permanent, temporary, special or non-resident residence subcategory stay, may enter the country by land.They must have current insurance

Last Thursday, the Minister of Tourism declared during the press conference that "Costa Rica is going to eliminate the requirement of a negative PCR test both for foreign tourists and Costa Ricans, and that these people won't receive a sanitary isolation order upon entry. Nevertheless, once the Decree was officially

This Thursday, October 22th, authorities announced that they are going to eliminate the negative coronavirus test requirement for foreign tourists.The Minister of Tourism declared that touristic traffic has not been a source of COVID-19 contagion, that is why starting on October 26, arriving visitors will no longer need to show

As we informed a few weeks back, per Resolution N° DJUR-0132-09-2020-JM, Immigration announced that they would not receive Residency applications going forward and until December 1st, 2020. This included all categories. That Resolution stated that all applications going forward must be filed by appointment only.  Starting October 19th, 2020, Immigration will

A few days ago, we published a story regarding the COVID test requirement for children under 12. Just a couple of days later, the Immigration Department issued a decree stating that all people entering as tourist are required to provide evidence of the COVID test.As previously noted, the Foreign Relations

Is it required for my child to have a COVID test to enter Costa Rica? Recently, there has been this question circulating around, and the answer is not simple.As you know, in the land of Pura Vida, the left hand does not talk to the right hand. It is not

Establishment regulation As of September 9, the controlled opening phase of establishments that have a sanitary operating permit that serve the public begins, from Monday to Friday from 5:00 a.m. to 10:00 p.m., and from Saturdays to Sundays from 5:00 a.m. to 8:00 p.m., respecting fifty percent (50%) of its

Finally, all residents of the United States will be able to enter the country after approximately seven months of the border closure.The government, with the ICT as the main spokesperson for these changes in border matters, has progressively opened the borders for American citizens. This re-opening began in mid-August and

This morning, the Immigration Department issued Resolution N° DJUR-0132-09-2020-JM, which, in summary, states: The Immigration Department WILL NOT receive Residency applications going forward and until December 1st, 2020. This includes all categories. Basically, Residency applications are suspended until December 1st, 2020.  All applications must be filed by appointment only.  Starting October

One of our friends just arrived to Costa Rica and shared this story about the process to go through Customs and Immigration."Just want to tell you I arrived with no problems on Saturday.  I see on Facebook many questions about the process, which for residents was fairly straightforward and simple. 

The Costa Rican Tourism Institute (ICT) issued a publication in their FB page stating that foreign nationals coming to Costa Rica from authorized countries or states (in the case they are coming from the US) can have lay overs not exceeding 18 hours in an non authorized country or state.

The virus has quickly turned the world upside-down, changed our social habits, work routines and specially the way we do business.Some of the most significant key learning areas we should be paying attention to are: Consuming habits: people have changed and redefined their needs and what they consume. Changes in

Everything seems to be centered around the pandemic lately as it should. It is reasonable to say that this has changed our lifestyle in many different ways (some of those ways were nearly unthinkable prior to the pandemic) and that there are not many choices other than adapting in the

Costa Rica is home to more than half a million foreign nationals from all over the world, and many thousands more are in the process of obtaining residency. With the COVID 19 pandemic, the CR government enacted travel restrictions leaving many stranded with no possibility to return. As the government

The Costa Rica government issued the list of establishments allowed to operate during the transition and controlled opening phases both in orange zones and yellow zones.Establishments allowed during the transition phase, only orange alert areas.The transition phase will be from August 31 to September 8, it applies only for cantons

The transition phase applies to cantons in orange alert, cantons in yellow alert continue their normal operation. As of September 9, all the cantons will operate under the controlled reopening phase. You can find here the complete list of allowed establishments during the transition and controlled reopening phases.Transition phase (only

A few days back we wrote about our experience with a Resident who arrived in a repatriation flight from Houston and was not allowed to enter the country since Immigration claimed that he had an active entry ban.This was before the August 15th Decree was issued, stating that Residents are

General Information:Starting November 1st, 2020, Costa Rican has reopened its air borders.Anyone who wishes to enter will be obliged to meet the entry requirements, per their Immigration status.Everyone must comply with the entry requirements established, per category. If you do not comply with the entry requirements, you will not be

In the past few days, we have received numerous requests from people who wish to understand if they can leave and come back without inconveniences.Unfortunately, Immigration has issued incredibly conflicting information and has not respected the principles of publicity or legal certainty. They are acting based on internal dispositions that

On Thursday August 06th, 2020, we received a call from a Costa Rican woman seeking help. Her husband, a US national with Permanent Residency as Parent of a Costa Rican national, flew in from the US on a repatriation flight (flight UA2448) coming from Houston. This US national had departed

Costa Rica's borders are opened solely to travelers coming from Canada, the EU, and the UK by air, through the Juan Santamaria or Daniel Oduber airports, until August 31st, 2020. This means that only people that have been in these countries for the past 14 days will be able to

According to the new regulations of the EXECUTIVE DECREE NUMBER 42484-MOPT-S, where the President of the Republic, the Minister of Public Works and Transport, and the Minister of Health, establish that starting on August 1st the exception letters that allow for transit during restricted times will be valid only two

Travel restrictions remain for land and sea travel. Travel restrictions are lifted for residents who arrive by plane.  No indication of how the travel restrictions affect people with pending applications for residency. Yesterday a note was published stating that travel restrictions were lifted according to the regulations published by the

Residents are allowed to travel abroad and return effective August 2nd. According to the regulations issued by the DGME, the restrictions for foreign residents will expire on August 1st.  There has not been an updated version of the restrictions issued by the DGME.This is a developing story. Please read

On Wednesday, July 29, 2020, the Costa Rican government announced the following measures to control the spread of COVID-19 for the month of August, aiming to flatten the contagion curve of COVID-19 in the country. Cantons on yellow alert will continue with phase three of reopening. Cantons on orange alert

In a press conference from the President´s Office today at 1:00 PM local time, President Alvarado along with the Ministers of Health, Tourism and Planning, issued the measures to open the airports for international air travel to Costa Rica, as well as to measures to open businesses in the tourism

Activities allowed in areas under orange alert (including the GAM)   From Monday to Sunday, without time restriction:1. Delivery services.2. Self-service modality to the public, understood as the removal of products remaining inside the vehicle (drive-through/curbside pick up).3. Public institutions in general.4. The Municipalities, Municipal Councils of District and Intendancies, only

Vehicle restriction in all cantons on orange alert will be from Monday to Sunday from 5:00 am to 5:00 pm and it returns to the usual dynamics of license plate restriction. Nine cantons will drop from orange alert to yellow alert (Alvarado, Bagaces, Carrillo, Golfito (except the Pavón district),

It has been challenging to keep up with all the rules pertaining to driver’s licenses and driving restrictions during COVID. The rules are constantly changing, and it seems that not even the Police know what is going on.So perhaps a little summary of the frequently asked questions we have received

Pursuant to the new measures issued by the CR Government due to the spread of the COVID 19th virus, this is a list of exceptions for the vehicle restrictions enacted by the Department of Health. Vehicles to transport merchandise or cargo for the following essential productive activities: Agriculture, fishing and

There is a total vehicle restriction and a total closure of establishments for five days, from Monday 13 to Friday 17 July, to all cantons on orange alert, both inside and outside the GAM. On weekends (Saturday 11 and Sunday 12, Saturday 18 and Sunday 19 July) a vehicle

Update: As announced a few days back, the Immigration Department issued Resolution N° DJUR-0105-07-2020-JM, confirming that they will remain closed until September 18, 2020. You can find the resolution here.The Immigration Department issued this morning Resolution N° DJUR-0105-07-2020-JM, which, in summary, states: The Immigration Department WILL NOT receive Residency applications

MEASURES APPLICABLE FROM FRIDAY JULY 03 AND UNTIL MONDAY, JULY 13 The entire country (cantons on yellow and orange alert) will have night vehicle restrictions Monday through Sunday from 7:00 pm to 5:00 am, except for the cantons in the border area, which will maintain from 5:00 pm to 5:00 am.

Decree 42432-MGP-S extending the closure of our borders until August 01st, 2020 was published on June 30th, 2020.The Decree states that Costa Rican borders are closed until August 01st, 2020. The date may be extended if Authorities deem it necessary.Until our borders reopen, only Residents and people with Estancias, Special

Cantons in the yellow zone, with some exceptions, may advance to phase 3 from midnight onwards today. The canton of Curridabat is excluded from this provision; the districts of the canton of San José: La Uruca, La Merced, Hospital, Hatillo, Mata Redonda, Catedral, Zapote, San Francisco de Dos Ríos and

President Carlos Alvarado, requested the Board of Directors of the CCSS agreed to maintain the reduction of the minimum tax base for another month. The measure will contribute to coping with the effects of the COVID-19 emergency on companies and the workforce. The Executive Branch will include in the

Starting this Saturday, the Ministry of Health implemented the sanitary vehicle restriction with stricter measures, due to the increase in cases of COVID-19 in the country, which already exceed 2,000Vehicular traffic will be allowed exclusively for access to health centers, pharmacies, suppliers, grocery stores and supermarkets by odd and even

The opening of cinemas, theaters, museums and shops is postponed on weekends, as well as places of worship and extended hours of beaches. From Saturday the 20th to 10a.m. at Monday 22 at 5a.m. The total vehicle restriction will apply for the entire country, under the scheme used at Easter. The

Note: As announced this Friday, June 19, these measures will be suspended until further notice.This Thursday the President of the Republic, Carlos Alvarado and the Minister of Health, Daniel Salas announced the new modifications in the third phase of reopening that will be carried out over the next three weeks

Obtaining residency in Costa Rica is difficult and costly. There are a lot of documents required to obtain residency which also cost money; the processing time is lengthy and it can become frustrating, and the costs are high when you add up the government fees, legal fees and expenses. So,

We have summarized the measures currently in place by the Ministry of Health per internal resolution MS-DM-4467-2020.Check for your business on the list so that you are sure what type of rule applies to you.General rules for temporary closure of all establishments with sanitary permit: From Monday to Friday from

Update June 30, 2020: Our borders will remain closed until August 01, 2020 (this date may be extended and may not apply to all travelers). In the past few weeks, we have received many questions and seen various posts on the Facebook groups regarding the possibility of entering Costa Rica during

Decree 42374-MGP-S extending the closure of our borders until June 30th, 2020 was published on May 31st, 2020. The Decree simply states that Costa Rican borders are closed until June 30th, 2020. The date may be extended if Authorities deem it necessary.Until our borders reopen, only Residents and people with

This an update of the general guidelines issued by the Department of Health for condominiums in response of the COVID 19 pandemic.This is applicable to both commercial and residential condominiums.This is the sixth version of the guidelines issued on May 12th, 2020. The following text is an extract from the

Recently, Costa Rica was invited to join the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development or OECD. The Costa Rican population celebrated this milestone, but what does it really mean? What advantages are there for CR to join the organization? And how will this affect the economic opportunities for the country

The country has already implemented one of the strategies it carries out for treatments against Coronavirus.  It is called the convalescent plasma transfusion, which was carried out on a 37-year-old woman infected with the virus. The patient is from La Cruz, Guanacaste and was admitted last Thursday at the Liberia

COSEVI has granted a moratorium of one month for vehicle owners whose inspection is due between May and June. This is applicable to vehicles with plates ending in 5 and 6.Thus, those who have to go in May will have time until June and those who have to go in

As part of the reopening of sports activities after the suspension by Covid-19, the Minister of Sport has approved a total of 11 guides for sports federations to comply with sanitary training provisions and one for competition for high-performance athletes.The Minister of Sport, Hernán Solano Venegas, stated that some of

Update, July 9, 2020: The Customs Office (Aduanas) extended until August 18, 2020, the validity of the Temporary Import Permit for vehicles (land, air, and water vehicles) that have a temporary import certificate. This applies to all those vehicles that entered Costa Rica after December 17, 2019, and whose certificate

Let’s talk about life in Costa Rica. In the last few weeks, it's possible that you might heard some important news pertaining to the COVID-19 situation in this small Latin American country, however, if you have not, let me break the internet for you.On March 6th, Costa Rica had the

Update June 30, 2020: Our borders will remain closed until August 01, 2020 (this date may be extended and may not apply to all travelers). The Immigration Department has further delayed the date which they will start accepting residency applications, to July 18, 2020. Please take note, tourists (non-Residents) who entered

Last week I had the pleasure of participating in a live chat with La Voz de Guanacaste regarding the current measures in place concerning our borders and their impact on the expat community.I rewatched the video to make sure I did not contribute to any “fake news” by providing incorrect

This past Monday April 27th, the CR Government issued new measures. The new measures included an extension of the vehicle restriction.The restriction comes into effect at 5:00 am and will continue until 7:00 pm . After that time, no type of vehicle can circulate.Those people who need to drive due to the

MOPTMinistry of Public Works and TransportationPress ReleasePublic Relations Department(506) 2523-2063 / (506) 2523-2062www.mopt.go.cr All services related to driver licenses to remain suspended until May 15 Written and driving tests, license homologation and renewal are amongst the services affected. Grace period is extended for anyone whose license expired after March 20. Renewals

BBC Mundo, the Spanish version for Latin America for BBC World, released today an article outlining the factors that made Costa Rica the country with the lowest mortality rate of the virus in Latin America.This is the translated version of the article as it was only published in BBC Mundo

CP-306-2020 - April 27, 2020 Cinemas, non-contact sports practice/training venues, gyms, and swimming schools may open on weekdays subject to certain conditions. The President of the Republic will issue a directive to the authorities to generate prevention and mitigation protocols allowing the reactivation and continuity of work centers, activities, and

The Immigration Department issued this morning, April 24th, 2020 Resolution N° DJUR-0069-04-2020-JM, which, in summary, states: The Immigration Department WILL NOT receive Residency applications from now on and until May 17th, 2020. This includes all categories. Basically, Residency applications are suspended until May 17th, 2020. Consequently, documents which will

We have been contacted by several people inquiring whether the tourist visas have been extended until July 17th.Initially, on March 17th, the Immigration Department issued a decree with the description of the measures related to dealing with the COVID 19 Crisis. Those measures included an automatic extension of the tourist

Costa Rica, a country whose economy is mainly based on tourism, suffers the consequences of COVID-19 beyond the health impacts. Many businesses and services have been suspended or closed, leaving thousands of families without income.According to preliminary data from researcher Luis Ángel Oviedo (IICE-UCR), 61,000 families are being directly affected.

Update: Entry Stamps Extended until July 17th, 2020.Update: On April 20, the Health Minister, Daniel Salas, reported that the closing of borders for foreigners continues in force in the country until May 15.Immigration just announced through their official Facebook page that they will be suspending the fines and penalties that

On April 7th, 2020, the Ministry of Health published the latest version of these guidelines applicable to commercial and residential condominiums, as part of the preventative measures and mitigative actions issued following the COVID-19 alert.As mentioned in our previously published communication regarding these guidelines, they will be reviewed periodically, and the

Last April 7th, Irene Campos, the Housing Minister submitted a bill for the consideration and discussion of the senators. This bill proposes three types of rent moratoriums (commercial and residential), as a measure to aid those who have lost or had their income reduced due to the COVID-19 sanitary crisis.This

To say we are living in strange and scary times is an understatement. This COVID19 crisis has everyone worried and stressed and rightfully so.But amidst all of the ugliness, we must not forget that this will pass and that things will soon settle down. Consequently, we must not lose our

Temporary closure of all establishments with sanitary operating permits that provide care to the public, on Mondays, Tuesdays, Wednesdays, Thursdays, and Fridays from 7:00 p.m. to 5:00 a.m. the following day.Full closure of these establishments on Saturdays and Sundays.The above from this Monday, April 13th and until Thursday, April 30th,

Work Contract SuspensionReduction of Work scheduleWhat does it mean?Employee: Suspension of his obligation to provide services.Employer: suspension of his obligation to pay salaries.The employer can modify the work contract and reduce the work schedule, if he demonstrates an affectation as a result of COVID19. How and when these apply? It must be requested before the Department

"People have lost their residency"On April 4th, CRHoy an online news outlet, published an article stating that 577 foreign nationals lost their residency for leaving the country during the travel restriction. This was not the case.This false information may send the message that if you leave the country, you will

Several bills are being discussed by the Costa Rican senators right now which are looking to suspend or reduce the municipal property tax collections, as part of the measures to help those affected by the sanitary emergency of the new coronavirus.Some of these bills propose to allow taxpayers to access a moratorium, or a decrease from 25%

There continues to be confusion regarding the initial statement made by President Carlos Alvarado that any Resident (or person with legal status or application in progress) who departs the country during the COVID19 crisis will have their status cancelled.This has been published in various newspapers, it was even mentioned today

It is well known that we are all facing difficulties as a result of the COVID-19 crisis. These are complicated times which have forced governments around the world to make harsh decisions in an effort to contain the spread of the virus.Speaking specifically about Costa Rica, the number of cases has reached

On March 27th, 2020, the Department of Health published the latest version of the guidelines applicable to commercial and residential condominiums, as part of the preventive and mitigation actions dictated for addressing the alert by COVID-19.As mentioned in our previous communication published regarding these guidelines, they will be reviewed periodically, and the latest

Update: On April 20, the Health Minister, Daniel Salas, reported that the closing of borders for foreigners continues in force in the country until May 15.The following measures have been extended until April 30th, 2020:As a result of the COVID19 crisis, only Costa Rican nationals and Residents will be allowed

According to the latest guidelines promulgated by the Government, the Tax relief measures will be applicable to:a) VAT taxpayers, meaning people who sell assets or services. This includes: importers, exporters, and people subject to the simplified regime, as well as those who sell exempt assets or services.b) Taxpayer of the selective consumption tax (Import

The Labor Capitalization Fund (LCF) in Costa Rica is similar to unemployment benefits in the United States. Employers make contributions to the fund so employees can receive income in case of future unemployment. The general rule is that this benefit becomes available after five continuous years working for the same employer, or

Per Resolution N° DGT-ICD-R-06-2020 published March 30, 2020, all corporations will now have until September 2020 to comply with the yearly RTFB. But this is not the only change to the mandatory requirement, please keep reading:Ordinary declaration (yearly):  The obliged corporations will have 6 additional months to comply with the 2020 period (April to September 2020). This requirement will now be due in the

On March 16, a State of Emergency was declared in Costa Rica due to the COVID-19 disease, which causes coughing, fever, and serious respiratory problems.Given this unusual situation, the Executive Power of Costa Rica, in compliance with current regulations and being responsible for protecting the lives of the inhabitants of

This afternoon, Wednesday, April 1, 2020, the President announced the following new restrictions aiming to control the spread of the COVID-19 virus:1. Long-distance transportation services (buses) will be restricted to travel less than 75 kilometers.2. Places with sanitary operation permits (restaurant, cafes, sodas) must remain closed. Home delivery services are allowed.3. From Friday,

Measures do not restrict access to basic services. Night-time vehicle restriction nationwide is extended between Friday April 3-Tuesday April 7 from 5:00 p.m. to 5:00 a.m. Long-distance public transportation is also restricted, and closure of establishments holding sanitary permits and open to the public will be carried out. Home

Due to the current state of emergency declared in Costa Rica because of the COVID-19 pandemic, questions have arisen regarding whether it is possible to renegotiate contracts instead of terminating them. If a business is facing financial difficulties, those businesses should ensure that contracts are not terminated and that renegotiations

Note: Starting on May 16, the nationwide vehicle restriction, runs from 7 p.m to 5 a.m on weekends and 10 p.m. to 5 a.m. on weeknights.Attention: Only these vehicles will be permitted in traffic nationwide from 10:00 p.m.–5 a.m.  To be enforced nationwide between 10:00 p.m - 5 a.m. Emergency, press or food

This afternoon, the Costa Rican government proposed applying a "solidarity tax."The President of the Republic, Carlos Alvarado, commented that other measures and resources available to the government will be exhausted first, so the measure would be implemented only "if necessary."Under the proposal, a mandatory contribution would be imposed on any

This past Tuesday, March 24th, a new bill was received by the Legislative Branch pertaining to a proposed moratorium on judicial and administrative evictions, which means that landlords would not be able to evict their tenants if they fail to pay rent during the term of this moratorium.This law would aim to

As announced earlier in the week, the President alerted that any foreign national with legal status (meaning Residents, people with Special Categories, Estancias or applications in progress) who departs the country during the COVID19 crisis will automatically lose their immigration status. The summary of the press conference can be found

Outlier Legal Services has been working on getting answers to outstanding questions that remain unaddressed during the COVID19 crisis.So far, we have filed or will file clarification requests on the following items: Will foreign nationals be allowed to drive with a valid foreign driver's license but an expired entry stamp,

Last Saturday, the President of the Republic signed a new law which allows employers to reduce the work schedule up to a 75% during the State of Emergency Declaration caused by the COVID-19 crisis. This bill has been in effect since last Monday, March 23rd, recorded as law No. 9832.The

On March 22nd, 2020, the Department of Health published the latest version of these guidelines applicable to commercial and residential condominiums, as part of the preventive and mitigation actions dictated for addressing the alert by COVID-19.These guidelines will be reviewed periodically, and the latest version will be published in the Department

Traveling abroad versus losing your immigration status, is it legal?The measures declared by the Government of Costa Rica today brought to my mind some memories about my Law school days as of what are the limits the Public Administration should have when it comes to restricting fundamental rights.If there is

The magistrates adopted the measure of suspending all non-essential services of the Court System, due to the health risk to which workers and users are exposed by the COVID-19 epidemic. This measure starts today, March 23rd and will last until April 13th. This means that complaints filed and unanswered prior

CR Government Tightens Measures to Deal with the Contagion of COVID 19 Beach closings, sanitary vehicle restriction between 10 p.m. and 5 a.m., mandatory closure of temples and religious services and loss of immigration status to those who leave the country are the indications given today. "All at home, but

At 12:54 Monday, March 23, 2020, the President announced that any foreign national that leaves the country during the COVID-19 crisis will lose their status.This applies to any Temporary or Permanent Resident, Special Categories, etc. and people with applications in progress. If you are interested in keeping your Immigration status,

Update June 30, 2020: Our borders will remain closed until August 01, 2020 (this date may be extended and may not apply to all travelers). Update April 20, 2020: the Health Minister, Daniel Salas, reported that the closing of borders for foreigners continues in force in the country until May 15.As

As announced: Starting March 18, 2020 at 23:59 and until April 12, 2020 at 23:59, only Residents and Costa Rican nationals may enter the country as a result of the COVID19 crisis.Some of the exceptions to the rule, per Decree N° 42238 - MGP – S are: Costa Rican nationals

Costa Rican Congress is expecting to pass the bill 21.845, named “Tax Relief Law Due to COVID-19,” to establish a moratorium on payment of taxes for corporations as a result of the health crisis.With this proposal, the government is looking to ease the tax burden on taxpayers. Among the measures, legislators

This is the translation of the Decree issued by President Carlos Alvarado. The Government declares a National State of Emergency, suspends the arrival of foreigners into the country and closes schools nationwide. Quarantine measures will be implemented to people who enter the country, enforced as of today (Monday March 16th, 2020).

Our team is working to clarify and get answers to many questions regarding the coronavirus situation in Costa Rica. We will continue to post updates here as we receive updates from government agencies. Currently, the majority of our staff are working from home, however, we continue to schedule appointments at our

The Immigration Department issued this evening Resolution N° DJUR-043-03-2019-JM, which, in summary, states: The Immigration Department WILL NOT receive Residency applications going forward and until May 17, 2020. This includes all categories. Basically, Residency applications are suspended until May 17, 2020. Consequently, documents that will expire within this period

Costa Rica is preparing economic measures to protect workers and companies facing the COVID-19 impact. Carlos Alvarado said that “the objective of this first phase of care and financial support measures is to relieve those small and medium-sized entrepreneurs and to protect working people, who are affected by the impact