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An escrow account is essentially a pass-through third-party account, created for the purpose of a Real Estate purchase. It is meant to protect both

As we have previously mentioned, whenever you are looking to buy real estate, it is important to undergo a process that allows the buyer

After several months of heated discussions, a new set of regulations pertaining to land division in Costa Rica were introduced on September 14th. In order

I would like to start by offering some background on INVU: The Instituto Nacional de Vivienda y Urbanismo (National Institute of Housing and Urban Planning)

Today, we are going to address another topic that is essential to this field: easements. When we discussed some of the aspects concerning the right

Costa Rica is a country rich in biodiversity: forests, beaches, mangroves, and wildlife are among the many natural resources protected by the state through

President Carlos Alvarado signed today an act of Congress suspending the evictions in the Maritime Zone. The purpose of the law is to create

We have to engage with Real Estate agents in our regular course of business, and every time we meet a new real estate agent