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The "Solidarity Tax" (also known as "Tax on luxury houses") was formally established in Costa Rica, through law no. 8683 on November 19th, 2008.

One of the most common things we see with property purchases is the understandable initial excitement and joy of the idea of purchasing a

Now that you have entered a sales and purchase agreement for a Costa Rican property, you should focus on setting up an Escrow account.

You are looking to invest in a property located in a condominium in Costa Rica. Congratulations! First of all, let's discuss what does a condominum entails: a

“Before anything else preparation is the key to success,” said Alexander Graham Bell

Outlier Legal's Real Estate legal assistant Adrián Pineda makes the case for why you may want to choose to relocate to Costa Rica

On this occasion, we are going to address in a brief manner a topic that tends to be somewhat technical in the Civil Law

An escrow account is essentially a pass-through third-party account, created for the purpose of a Real Estate purchase. It is meant to protect both

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