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Moving to another city can be a challenge since the factors that will influence the final choice must be carefully weighed. But what if

After several months of heated discussions, a new set of regulations pertaining to land division in Costa Rica were introduced on September 14th. In order

In Costa Rica, most of the properties are registered, and the titles are registered and centralized in the offices of the Public Registry in

The National Registry announced key dates regarding its functions for the next weeks and months. Starting October 29 until November 02, the institution will

Usually, a decision such as investing in a property is preceded by circumstances that hold particular relevance in the decision maker´s life. Perhaps the

On this occasion, we are going to address in a brief manner a topic that tends to be somewhat technical in the Civil Law

I would like to start by offering some background on INVU:The Instituto Nacional de Vivienda y Urbanismo (National Institute of Housing and Urban Planning)

Entering a formal contract can be daunting at first, depending on the object of the contract (a car, a house, a leasing, an insurance

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