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Both Foreigners and Costa Rican nationals enjoy equal rights under the law when it comes to land and property ownership, unless the owner bought the

In Costa Rica all water is owned by the State, so ideally, water availability should not be an issue. However, as you may already know,

One of the most common misconceptions when buying a property in Costa Rica is believing that once the property has been purchased, the only

[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text] A client recently came to us with a fairly complicated problem. While she was in the U.S. during Covid, the land she owned, which

Dreaming of a life on the water? The true meaning of living in paradise. Outlier Legal will gladly guide you through the process of

When our clients are buying a property, it is usually a large financial investment where, at times, even their life savings are involved. All to

It takes more than just falling in love with a condo that looks fantastic on paper to make a successful real estate investment in

On September 22 and 23, Outlier Legal Services participated in the Costa Rican Real Estate Congress 2022, that was held at the Intercontinental Hotel

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