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Essentially a Due Diligence is the process of really making sure that everything is as it was presented to the buyer, before proceeding to make

Purchasing property in Costa Rica can seem like an uncertain investment. The process normally begins with an offer on the property. This process usually consists of

Starting off, let's immediately debunk a fallacy: a corporation is not required in order to own property in Costa Rica. If you buy property

Sometimes, we hear people from older generations talking about historical events that we didn’t witness, perhaps because we were not even around when such

As promised, here we are with an article that addresses some topics that were briefly introduced in a previous article titled: “The ABC of Easements:

Under Costa Rican law, the following options are available to purchase and to own real estate. Fee Simple Absolute This option is the absolute title

Perhaps you are aware of it because of Sandra Cauffman’s crucial role at NASA as an specialist in Electrical Engineering and Physics; or because

Today, we are going to address another topic that is essential to this field: easements. When we discussed some of the aspects concerning the right

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