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More than seven months have passed since the legislation was published and the government still hasn't released the ruling needed to implement it

In September 2021, the Costa Rican Social Security Fund (CAJA) approved new mandatory social security contributions for some registered immigrants

The regulation's ruling for the Costa Rican digital nomad visa is delayed. However, there is an alternative for foreigners who want to live in

If you are looking for residency in Costa Rica, and want to invest in the country, or you have a monthly income, there are

As if it were not difficult enough for those in the Rentista category, Banco Nacional has created additional and significantly more expensive requirements for

As you may know, on July 5th, Costa Rica's President Alvarado signed the law to attract foreign investors, rentistas and retired people to the

Of the myriad categories found within Costa Rican Immigration Law, one of the simplest and most flexible is the Rentista or “People with Fixed

The Rentista Category is a very popular category as it allows a significant number of people to obtain immigration status in Costa Rica. We