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When planning on moving to Costa Rica, many people ask themselves some of questions about working. Some of the most recurring questions are: Can

CAJA rates have doubled for some residency categories in Costa Rica, and expats are looking for cheaper alternatives like private insurance in some cases. Applicants

Дорогие друзья, В нынешней ситуации, когда более 8 миллионов россиян перемещаются по миру, мы в нашей компании Outlier Legal Services обратили внимание на то, что

Any child born in this country is a Costa Rican and any parent of a Costa Rican child can opt for permanent residency

A part-time resident in Costa Rica shares her experience with using only private insurance and then paying the CAJA rates

With a few exceptions, children can only leave Costa Rica with an exit permit issued by the Immigration Department

How a digital platform for migratory procedures violated the law, and what Outlier Legal Services has done to protect the rights of migrants

An update on the digital nomads law in Costa Rica: foreigners interested in working remotely from this country should brace their seat belts

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