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Дорогие друзья, В нынешней ситуации, когда более 8 миллионов россиян перемещаются по миру, мы в нашей компании Outlier Legal Services обратили внимание на то, что

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Through a series of consultations with the Public Administration, our law firm managed to include some modifications in the immigration regulations

So, there was a person who  was convicted of murder more than 15 years ago and was granted residency in Costa Rica, but another person

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If you've ever considered retiring in Costa Rica or applying for residency as an Investor, Rentista, Self-Employed, etc. this information might be of your

There is a new issue we have come across. According to Immigration Regulations, a requirement to be eligible for residency is to have a

According to Section 70 of the Immigration Law (Law No. 8764 of 2009) foreign nationals who file an application to remain in the country