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A part-time resident in Costa Rica shares her experience with using only private insurance and then paying the CAJA rates

How the changes in the regulation for the CAJA insurance affects foreign nationals living in Costa Rica, and what we're doing to defend them

In September 2021, the Costa Rican Social Security Fund (CAJA) approved new mandatory social security contributions for some registered immigrants

President Carlos Alvarado, requested the Board of Directors of the CCSS agreed to maintain the reduction of the minimum tax base for another

The country has already implemented one of the strategies it carries out for treatments against Coronavirus.  It is called the convalescent plasma transfusion, which

Let’s dispense with the suspense first; the answer to the question above is always a resounding, “Yes!” But let us explain a little bit about the

Some of you may recall the difficulties of getting spouses and children registered with CAJA, particularly due to the requirement to produce a marriage

We have updated our CAJA blog to highlight current issues we believe are vital to discuss. The CAJA Fees Please note that the description of these