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As Outliers, we must think outside the box. Far from


On December 13th, Daniel Yepez from the Costa Rica News


It is a unique situation these Covid days as Canada tightens its entry requirements and thus affecting many Canadians that are currently outside the

There have not been changes regarding the March 2nd, 2021, deadline for the tourist visas extension. In an effort to clarify questions related to

We have received numerous requests to assist with visa extensions and to help people on a tourist visa to remain in the country. We

Currently, due to COVID crisis, you should take into consideration some points to ensure a smooth renewal process.Requesting DIMEX cards for renewal, except Temporary

If you plan to travel by air into the United States, you will need to get tested no more than 72 hours (3 days)

We spoke with Immigration today and this is what they have confirmed about the extension of entry stamps. We are waiting for further written

On January 11th, 2021 Immigration issued their latest resolution regarding Residency processing, tourist entry stamps, appointments at Immigration, etc.  You can read a summary

The Immigration Department issued Resolution N° DJUR-01-01-2021-JM, which nullifies or substitutes Resolution N° DJUR-0132-09-2020-JM.Important Considerations Immigration will no longer extend the entry stamps; hence,

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