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What is the status of law 9996 creating incentives for investors? The delay with the implementation of law has generated anxiety in the expat

What a joy is to receive your DIMEX! We know that after receiving your DIMEX (Costa Rican ID for residents), the steps in Costa

The temporary residence for retired people is one of the easiest ways, receivers of a pension or a lifetime benefit, can relocate to Costa

When we talk about vital documents such as birth certificates, we know that it can be a challenge to assimilate all the relevant information.

When planning on moving to Costa Rica, many people ask themselves some of questions about working. Some of the most recurring questions are: Can

CAJA rates have doubled for some residency categories in Costa Rica, and expats are looking for cheaper alternatives like private insurance in some cases. Applicants

If you're a foreigner and want to operate a business in Costa Rica, you can do it, but the way to do it depends

Migrants come to Costa Rica with different purposes, such as pleasure, business, comfort, refuge, among others. The wide scope of reasons behind moving away