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There has always been talk of the importance of writing a will due to the multiple benefits that come from having one. Benefits include

Do not resuscitate orders, or DNRs, are requests made to the health care providers not to engage in cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR) should the heart of their loved

Same as wills, testamentary trusts include the people who will receive your assets after you die, allowing you to freely manage them while you are alive. Unlike wills, trusts require

Have you ever thought about creating a will in Costa Rica? If you have children or properties in Costa Rica, a will is the

I set out for San Diego, California to help a client who, due to health issues, could neither come to Costa Rica nor to

  . Wills and Estates In this installment, we are going to review the various ways through which we can pass down property in Costa Rica. Foreigners

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