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Do-I-Need-to-Pay-for Caja-Insurance-as-a-Resident--
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Let’s dispense with the suspense first; the answer to the question above is always a resounding, “Yes!” But let us explain a little bit about the history of the Social Security system in Costa Rica in order to better understand what we know as the “Caja.” The Caja Costarricense del Seguro Social was created in

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Some of you may recall the difficulties of getting spouses and children registered with CAJA, particularly due to the requirement to produce a marriage certificate or a birth certificate with no more than one month of issuance. This requirement made it literally impossible for people to register their spouses or

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We have updated our CAJA blog to highlight current issues we believe are vital to discuss.   The CAJA Fees Please note that the description of these fees is applicable for independent workers or voluntary contributors; it is not applicable for registered employees as a different set of rules apply

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