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A reform to the country's remote work law gives employees "the right to digital disconnection outside working hours"

The Legislative Assembly effectively extends the rights of pregnant workers and parents of newborns, and sets new obligations for employers

The private sector employs 86% of the country's workforce, but half of those jobs are informal

Up to 2 billion people around the world put food in their tables by having informal jobs because of the lack of opportunities in

*UPDATE - we have been receiving many messages regarding the status of the Digital Nomad visa.   At this time there still has been no

There are certain responsibilities that must be fulfilled in order to have a healthy working relationship between every employer and his employees, this is

The calculation of severance pay (liquidación) in case of dismissal in Costa Rica is carried out in accordance with the Labor Code, the law that governs relations

One of the labor rights that every person who is part of the labor force in Costa Rica has is severance pay, which is

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