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"Another big step for electric mobility in the country," says the Costa Rican Association of Electric Mobility (Asomove)

The tax incentives included in the current law expire in 2023, and the government is yet to call a bill to extend them

Because of a new law, the tax administration applies benefits to companies that prove that at least 10% of their personnel is aged 45

The Costa Rican government adjusted the tax rates and brackets for 2022 both for wages and for legal entities' income

The purpose of the tax residence certificate is to prove the status as a tax resident in the country of a person or entity

This is a guide of how taxes are charged to people with South African nationality living abroad

A fundamental step in due diligence is to verify that the property is up-to-date with the Municipality Taxes (known as property taxes). This information

If you have a corporation in Costa Rica, you might have heard about the Education and Culture Tax. This is a tax that legal entities

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