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Global Income Law taxes the taxpayer based on their residence and


A recurrent query we receive is about taxes involved in


During the creation process of the Law for the Strengthening of Public Finances, the Ministry of Finance requested that the Global Income Tax be

Watching movies through Netflix just got more expensive, at least for people who are domiciled in Costa Rica and/or use a Costa Rican card

We all want to have the property of our dreams: Excellent location, with comfort, quality and at a good price. We strive to take

Several bills are being discussed by the Costa Rican senators right now which are looking to suspend or reduce the municipal property tax collections,

According to the latest guidelines promulgated by the Government, the Tax relief measures will be applicable to:a) VAT taxpayers, meaning people who sell assets or

This afternoon, the Costa Rican government proposed applying a "solidarity tax."The President of the Republic, Carlos Alvarado, commented that other measures and resources available

Costa Rican Congress is expecting to pass the bill 21.845, named “Tax Relief Law Due to COVID-19,” to establish a moratorium on payment of

The solidarity tax, also known as the “tax on luxury homes,” was created by Law No. 8683 on November 19, 2008 and had been

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