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Costa Rica is attempting to approve the legalization of the production (farming), commercialization and consumption of cannabis. The government has put a bill in

If you post this question to expats on FB, you will get many conflicting answers. This can be very frustrating. Who is right and

If you are looking for lesser known places in Costa Rica to explore in the upcoming months, we want to introduce to  you some

Starting April, the country will still carry out random Covid-19 tests but travelers won't need to quarantine while awaiting for results

The Carlos Alvarado administration announced a de-escalation of the Covid-19 measures starting in March and April 2022

Border runs are the easiest way to renew your entry stamp to Costa Rica if its going to expire and you haven't file for

QR codes for vaccination status were supposed to be obligatory starting December 2021, but its implementation has been delayed to March 7, 2022

The repercussions of driving illegally as a foreign in Costa Rica are not strictly migratory. You could end in a situation where police confiscates

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