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A lot has been said about the validity of entry


Achieving a balance between mobility and environmental conservation is one of the main challenges for modern society, especially for countries like Costa Rica that

Considering the uncertainty generated around the driver's license issue, we reached the Department of Transportation (MOPT) to obtain clarification regarding the driver's licenses.We thus

There is a Circular DVT-DGEV-CIR-2020-73 which was sent to MOPT by their Sub General Director Maria Eugenia Salazar Salaverry, stating that it is their

If you are a legal resident and have a foreign driver's license, you can complete the procedure to homologate or validate this document at

The question regarding the driver's license extension has been answered. In July 2020, MOPT issued a Circular confirming that if you entered the country

In Costa Rica, a vehicle can be unregistered if it is stolen, lost, suffers total loss due to an accident or if the owner

Reduction in the payment of the “Marchamo” has been approved this night in Congress. Vehicles must meet certain criteria. Please continue reading to see

It has been challenging to keep up with all the rules pertaining to driver’s licenses and driving restrictions during COVID. The rules are constantly

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