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A few days ago I was having a chat in a Facebook Group with this fellow who we are going to call Pete. The subject

For expats coming to Costa Rica, having part-time or full-time help at home is often a pleasant surprise as the cost is significantly less

If you are hiring someone in Costa Rica or if you already have employees, this article is for you. At Outlier Legal, we often have

Before signing a business purchase contract, it is important to perform a due diligence to know the current state of the business. As you

There are two types of contracts for the purchase of a business in Costa Rica. Before we get into the subject of sales contract, it

A lot has been said in the news recently about a few bills in Congress that will impact the expat community. There is a

Obviously, people behave differently in every country, and certainly every country has a different set of rules and regulations. Currently, Costa Rica has over

On March 16, a State of Emergency was declared in Costa Rica due to the COVID-19 disease, which causes coughing, fever, and serious respiratory

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