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The Torch of Central American Freedom

Tomorrow marks the 201st anniversary of Central America's independence. On

Franklin Chang-Díaz

The first Latin American astronaut selected to go into space,


Even though article 1° of Costa Rica's Political Constitution establish it as a multi-ethnic and multicultural country, what that entails does not translate into

How an improbable group of relevant citizens but with very different backgrounds, change the way social justice could be reached. In the midst of World

The journey from the lower class youth of the Central Valley in the 60’s to the nightclubs around the country and international dance competitions.  Usually

[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text] In a previous occasion I mentioned that I was proud that Costa Rica does not have an army, but be weary of pride. Too

On July 25, 1824, the Nicoya region of Guanacaste, which spanned from the Nicaraguan boarder to the end of the Nicoya peninsula, officially joined

If you have ever entered our country through the Juan Santamaría Airport, perhaps you have wondered where its name comes from or even simply

You cannot talk about Costa Rican independence without reviewing Mexican History. Different than the American Colonies, Spanish Colonies were organized as kingdoms, specifically vice-royalties. Spain