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"Mareas rojas" have been detected in both the Pacific and the Atlantic coasts of the country

Central America is one of the regions most vulnerable to climate change, according to the latest report from the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change

Upfront investments needed to implement Costa Rica's National Decarbonization Plan can offset the impacts of Covid-19 on the economy, according to the RAND Corporation

During the next decades, many coastal communities in Costa Rica could become even more vulnerable to flooding and tsunamis

The tax incentives included in the current law expire in 2023, and the government is yet to call a bill to extend them

A recently passed law regulates the generation of distributed energy and opens the door for energy 'prosumers' to sell their surplus to distributors

The Nicoya Peninsula has a high concentration of people over 100 years old and a low incidence of health problems like cancer or heart

In November 2021, a coalition of almost 70 countries pledged to protect 30% of their land and ocean by 2030. Known as the "30x30

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