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This is not a story about the abolition of the army, rather, it is a review about some of the commentary around it. I am

Costa Rican folklore has several stories of strange mythical creatures. Some of these are shared between Central America and other Spanish-speaking countries. The tales

Every year on October 12th, Costa Rica commemorates Cultures Day (Día de las Culturas), with the aim of enhancing the multicultural and multi-ethnic character

Even though article 1° of Costa Rica's Political Constitution establish it as a multi-ethnic and multicultural country, what that entails does not translate into

If you want to learn Spanish, read this article! After moving abroad, far from your family, friends, and everything that you have known as home,

In a polarizing context and after the first demonstration against the government due to their proposal on the budget for public universities, the current

The journey from the lower class youth of the Central Valley in the 60’s to the nightclubs around the country and international dance competitions.  Usually