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Changes on the Guarantee Deposit For Temporary and Permanent Residents

The official newspaper La Gaceta published on September 23, 2019, the new rates for the Guarantee Deposits (Security Deposits). The Guarantee Deposit, also known as Security Deposit, is a mandatory government fee to be paid by foreigners who are granted immigration status in Costa Rica, such as Temporary and Permanent

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People often ask what it means to have Condición Restringida on your DIMEX card. It basically means that you cannot work. On the other hand, Libre Condición means that you can work. Under Section 2 of the Immigration Regulation, Condición Restringida is a limitation set forth by the Immigration Department

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It is part of our business to know what the competition is doing. We have noticed that some other immigration firms do not provide an accurate description of the government fees people have to pay in order to obtain temporary residency. We at Outlier Legal feel it is important for

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