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if I travel my status would be cancelled

As announced earlier in the week, the President alerted that any foreign national with legal status (meaning Residents, people with Special Categories, Estancias or applications in progress) who departs the country during the COVID19 crisis will automatically lose their immigration status. The summary of the press conference can be found

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Exceptions to the Entry Ban Rule

As announced: Starting March 18, 2020 at 23:59 and until April 12, 2020 at 23:59, only Residents and Costa Rican nationals may enter the country as a result of the COVID19 crisis. Some of the exceptions to the rule, per Decree N° 42238 – MGP – S are: Costa Rican

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dgme covid19

The Immigration Department issued this evening Resolution N° DJUR-043-03-2019-JM, which, in summary, states: The Immigration Department WILL NOT receive Residency applications going forward and until May 17, 2020. This includes all categories. Basically, Residency applications are suspended until May 17, 2020. Consequently, documents which will expire within this period will
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The following is a list of commonly asked questions regarding obtaining residency in Costa Rica: Is it true that there are various residency categories? That is correct. One cannot simply apply for residency; one must apply for one of the many distinct residency categories our law offers. An applicant must

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The Immigration Department has issued a new Resolution aiming to simplify the requirements for Residency for on-going applications filed by October 14, 2019. The background check requirement listed on item 1 below, however, is suggested for all new applications as well. Below a summary of the major key elements that

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Our current law offers expats various options to secure legal immigration status in Costa Rica. On the one hand, you have the Immigration Law (Law No. 8764) and Ruling (Decree No. 37112-G) which provides the rules of the game for our General Department of Immigration (Dirección General de Migración y

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Case Reviews: Spotting the Usual Mistakes in Residency Applications

Here at Outlier Legal Services, we receive numerous calls from expats whom have handled the residency process on their own or perhaps have hired help from someone in the community and find themselves stuck in a years-long process that become too cumbersome and stressful to handle. The service of requesting

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Changes on the Guarantee Deposit For Temporary and Permanent Residents

The official newspaper La Gaceta published on September 23, 2019, the new rates for the Guarantee Deposits (Security Deposits). The Guarantee Deposit, also known as Security Deposit, is a mandatory government fee to be paid by foreigners who are granted immigration status in Costa Rica, such as Temporary and Permanent

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ImmigrationPensionado Category

Many expats come to us asking about the various residency options that Costa Rica offers. The two easiest options are, of course, when you become the parent of a Costa Rican national or when you get residency based on marriage. The simplest option besides those two choices, however, is that

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Of the myriad categories found within Costa Rican Immigration Law, one of the simplest and most flexible is the Rentista or “People with Fixed Income” category as defined in Article 79, Section 9 of the Ley General de Migración y Extranjería. This category shares a lot of the same standard

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