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Case Reviews: Spotting the Usual Mistakes in Residency Applications

Here at Outlier Legal Services, we receive numerous calls from expats whom have handled the residency process on their own or perhaps have hired help from someone in the community and find themselves stuck in a years-long process that become too cumbersome and stressful to handle. The service of requesting

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We recommend that three months prior to the expiration of your DIMEX ID card (known in Spanish as the cédula), you should renew it. The good news, however, is that renewal is not as cumbersome as the initial application. If done right, upon filing and depending on your age, you

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ImmigrationPensionado Category

I We receive a lot of questions regarding the renewal of this category, such as: do I need to transfer money from my dollars account into the colones account? Do I need a background check? Do I need a letter from my pension? And many more. So let’s review how

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