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Last November 6th, new factors came into effect which apply to the “Manual of Procedures for the Inspection of Vehicles in Fiscal Warehouses and Eventually in the Ports.” According to the newly introduced regulation, the main objective is to verify the conditions that forbid the import and the registration of

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Case Reviews: Spotting the Usual Mistakes in Residency Applications

Here at Outlier Legal Services, we receive numerous calls from expats whom have handled the residency process on their own or perhaps have hired help from someone in the community and find themselves stuck in a years-long process that become too cumbersome and stressful to handle. The service of requesting

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We recommend that three months prior to the expiration of your DIMEX ID card (known in Spanish as the cédula), you should renew it. The good news, however, is that renewal is not as cumbersome as the initial application. If done right, upon filing and depending on your age, you

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The Hague Convention is the international treaty addressing the preservation of cultural patrimony in case of global armed conflicts. The convention took place in 1954 in The Hague, Netherlands following the massive destruction of cultural patrimony during World War II. This was the first treaty intended to safeguard cultural patrimony

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Many expats come to us asking about the various residency options that Costa Rica offers. The two easiest options are, of course, when you become the parent of a Costa Rican national or when you get residency based on marriage. The simplest option besides those two choices, however, is that

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Moving to another country is not easy. You have to worry about packing your bags, getting airplane tickets, looking for a new home, a new job, perhaps learning a new language (or not). And definitively, you will need to get legal residency unless you are planning to be a mojado,

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