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Current measures for businesses by the Ministry of Health

We have summarized the measures currently in place by the Ministry of Health per internal resolution MS-DM-4467-2020. Check for your business on the list so that you are sure what type of rule applies to you. General rules for temporary closure of all establishments with sanitary permit: From Monday to

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entering costa rica during covid19

Update June 30, 2020: Our borders will remain closed until August 01, 2020 (this date may be extended and may not apply to all travelers).  In the past few weeks, we have received many questions and seen various posts on the Facebook groups regarding the possibility of entering Costa Rica

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Estate PlanningFamilyWills

There has always been talk of the importance of writing a will due to the multiple benefits that come from having one. Benefits include choosing our heirs, distributing our assets equally, and avoiding future disputes between our relatives. However, little is said about the succession process. What is it? What

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MAZE team cyber-attack: is your information compromised?

As you might have heard during the weekend, the Banco de Costa Rica has been under the spotlight due to a cyber-attack on more the 5 million of transactions, which has been granted by the hacker Maze Team, so we would like to provide a summary and quick guide on

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FamilyGovernmentHuman Rights

This month of May, the topic of equal marriage resurfaced in Costa Rican society. This issue has generated conflicting and opposing views from both social and legal aspects. In 2006, the Costa Rica Supreme Court issued a decision stating that the legal limitation for same sex couples to get married

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COSEVI has granted a moratorium of one month for vehicle owners whose inspection is due between May and June. This is applicable to vehicles with plates ending in 5 and 6. Thus, those who have to go in May will have time until June and those who have to go

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During this COVID crisis, some people had arrived to the country with their vehicles and are currently stuck without the possibility to leave. The permits for their vehicles have expired and now they are stuck in Costa Rica. The Customs Office from Costa Rica (Dirección General de Aduanas, or simply

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Moving your residency forward during the Pandemic

Let’s talk about life in Costa Rica. In the last few weeks, it’s possible that you might heard some important news pertaining to the COVID-19 situation in this small Latin American country, however, if you have not, let me break the internet for you. On March 6th, Costa Rica had

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getting married in costa rica
FamilyLegal ServicesLiving

Costa Rica is certainly a beautiful place that comes into mind when considering ideal locations to get married. It is most definitely a country rich in natural resources, from gorgeous beaches to impressive landscapes and rainforests. Whether you choose to elope or host a big wedding, it can surely provide you and your partner with the wonderful experience you are

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faq wills
Familylegal documentsWills

When it comes to assets and family, wills come to mind. Some of you made us frequent questions about this legal figure and this is a summary of the main topics related to wills: What is a will? A will is a legal means offered by the Costa Rican local

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