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The longer you’ve been an expat in Costa Rica, or the longer you have been researching about Costa Rica while seriously considering moving there, the quicker you will notice that there seem to be endless and confusing amounts of information on how to legally go about your business in the

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Many of you may already know this, however, it is always important to remember that an essential requirement when applying for Residency in Costa Rica is to have legal status in the country. That means that your entry stamp, received at the port of entry, must be valid. For example,

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Unfortunately, and as it happens, there is a lot of “fake news” regarding the minimum amount of time required to remain in Costa Rica to keep the residency. People generally ask “Am I required to be in Costa Rica for at least four months?” I wish that other firms providing

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Some immigration categories are widely unknown for most folks. Mostly, people focus in just a few categories such as the marriage, parent, pensionado, rentista and investor while there are over thirty different categories available. Naturally, these categories are very popular because most the information that you find on line is
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