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insurance in costa rica

Back in October of 1924, the National Insurance Company (INS) was created. They operated as a monopoly until 2010 when the insurance market was opened to allow for competition. As a result, the government created SUGESE, the entity in charge of regulating and supervising the insurance industry in Costa Rica.

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COSEVI has granted a moratorium of one month for vehicle owners whose inspection is due between May and June. This is applicable to vehicles with plates ending in 5 and 6. Thus, those who have to go in May will have time until June and those who have to go

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According to Costa Rica’s Treasury Department, the owners of more than 2.3 million vehicles will pay an average of 7.76% less for vehicle ownership tax in the annual vehicle license collection for 2019. It is expected that a total of ¢175 billion colones be collected with this tax. Starting November

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