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This last Saturday, I participated in a meeting with a group of expats in Grecia. The purpose of the meeting was to talk about crime, as there has been an escalation of crime in the area. The local police also attended the meeting to give some basic information about the

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There is a new issue we have come across. According to Immigration Regulations, a requirement to be eligible for residency is to have a clear criminal record for the past ten years. Therefore, people who have been convicted of a crime committed more than ten years ago are eligible for

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oo I am always baffled when dealing with real estate transactions, particularly because of the lack of knowledge of the parties involved in the transaction. I do not necessary hold the buyer or the seller responsible since they rely on professionals such as attorneys or real estate agents in order

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According to Section 70 of the Immigration Law (Law No. 8764 of 2009) foreign nationals who file an application to remain in the country under any of the categories as described in the law, must have not been convicted of a crime within ten years prior to requesting immigration status.

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  I am very curious about the crime situation in Costa Rica. I am curious about what people think about crime, and what the authorities do about it. I would like to share with you some numbers. You will have to bear with me as it is very difficult to

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According to a publication by on Tuesday, president Solis stated that “Costa Rica does not live like the wild west”. The president issued the statement in response to an article published by the BBC indicating that Costa Rica is not like Switzerland anymore, referring to an escalation of crime

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