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There is Good News for the Rest of the World Coming from Costa Rica!

2020 has made us deal with an insane amount of bad news for months, most of which has been breathtaking and overwhelming, and it seemed like there was never any good news in sight.

But never say never! After a long wait, the fields of science and technology have delivered some good news this time: Alberto Alape Girón (a microbiologist and clinical chemist and researcher at ICP-UCR), announced that the equine treatment prepared to fight against COVID-19 manages to inhibit the effects of the virus and is ready to be applied in Costa Rica.

The serum was produced by the Clodomiro Picado Institute in a partnership with the Caja Costarricense de Seguro Social (the “Caja”).

According to the results announced by George Mason University (Virgina, USA), the solution not only neutralizes SARS-CoV-2, but it is 100 times more powerful than convalescent plasma obtained from humans.

Even though the serum does not eliminate the need of a vaccine (which is preventive), the solution is capable of constraining the effectiveness of the coronavirus that causes the patients disease which will help to reduce the viral effect caused by the SARS-CoV-2 on infected patients.

Health authorities still need to comply with approvals and regular bureaucracy, though is expected that it will be put into use in less than a week.

But this is not all.

As it is common in the Instituto Tecnologico de Costa Rica (TEC), they will not just sit around and wait. Scientists from this university, in collaboration with the tech corporation Plasma Innova, have managed to create a chamber that disinfects articles from COVID-19.

The invention is created with the idea of helping the Costa Rican healthcare system by helping them to recycle supplies (including masks).

The chamber utilizes air mixed with plasma with an ultraviolet light that create ozone molecules that purify any object placed inside the tool. As of today, the product has already passed the “Physical Integrity” and “Disinfection” national tests and is currently waiting for the WHO’s international recognition so that it can be produced at a greater scale.

Way to go Ticos!



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