Who is exempt from the sanitary vehicle restriction?

Starting this Saturday, the Ministry of Health implemented the sanitary vehicle restriction with stricter measures, due to the increase in cases of COVID-19 in the country, which already exceed 2,000

Vehicular traffic will be allowed exclusively for access to health centers, pharmacies, suppliers, grocery stores and supermarkets by odd and even number plates from 10:00 a.m. on Saturday 20 and until 5:00 a.m. on Sunday. The following plates do not circulate on Saturday 0, 2, 4, 6 and 8 nor can the following plates circulate on Sunday 1, 3, 5, 7 and 9.

Of course, there are exceptions. The following are exempt from the vehicle restriction:

  • Freight or cargo transport vehicles.
  • Public transport vehicles intended for the paid transport of people in any of its modalities (bus, bus, minibus, taxi, special stable taxi service), the special service for workers and airport transfers, which have a public service plate. , as well as a cargo taxi authorized by the Public Transport Council that has the respective permit per day. All of the above will be subject to the special provisions established by the Public Transportation Council for the care of the health situation by COVID-19 on the occasion of this Executive Decree.
  • The person from the public or private sector that requires transfer due to entry, exit or need to move during working hours, duly accredited. In the case of entering or leaving the working day, the mobilization may be done in a private vehicle, private motorcycle or in any of the modalities set forth in subsection b) of this article, any of them duly demonstrated.
  • The vehicles that provide the service and fuel supply.
  • Vehicles that provide the garbage collection service.
  • The vehicles of the construction companies, for the exercise of their respective tasks, as long as they are delivering materials or are returning after a delivery. For their demonstration, they must carry the respective sales or transfer or delivery document from the supplier or contractor.
  • The official vehicles of the Ministry of Public Works and Transport, as well as the National Road Council, for the exercise of their respective tasks.
  • Official vehicles, emergency care vehicles and vehicles of the different police forces for the exercise of their respective tasks.
  • The personnel of support or maintenance of operations or assistance of public services, including ICE, AyA, INCOFER, Civil Aviation, CNFL, Post Office of CR, RECOPE, among other cases of support or maintenance of operations or assistance of public services, duly identified.
  • The vehicles of the funeral service for the exclusive provision of said activity, duly demonstrated.
  • Provision of home services, duly accredited.
  • Provision of private security service or transportation of securities, including the respective support or technical assistance required by the service, duly accredited.
  • The private vehicles of the personnel of the emergency services, the Red Cross, the Fire Department of Costa Rica, the 9-1-1 Emergency System of Costa Rica, CNE, CCSS, Ministry of Health, international organizations, and those institutions that participate in the attention of the state of national emergency around the COVID-19 or for the attention of an emergency proper to their work, who must carry their respective uniform or their institutional identification card.
  • The hierarchical persons of the Supreme Powers and the personnel strictly necessary for the operation of this, duly identified.
  • Vehicles belonging to international missions, diplomatic corps and consular corps, for the exercise of their respective tasks and duly accredited.
  • The personnel of the Judiciary for the fulfillment of their tasks, duly identified.
  • Health services personnel for the fulfillment of their tasks, duly identified.
  • The personnel of ports, airports and land border posts, as well as the entire logistics chain associated with these activities, duly identified.
  • The indispensable personnel for the operation of operations and providers of the telecommunications service, duly accredited.
  • Essential personnel for the operation of the press and media distributions, duly accredited.
  • The private vehicle that due to an emergency related to the life or health of a person, requires moving to a health facility or pharmacist.
  • The vehicles of people with religious tasks and their collaborators are strictly necessary for the virtual transmission of religious activities or for the care of a religious act due to the death of a person, duly accredited.
  • Vehicles driven or transporting people with disabilities, when such vehicles are duly authorized.
  • The vehicles of people who must be moved strictly to provide medical support or care for terminally ill, seriously ill or assistance to people with disabilities or the elderly.
  • The vehicles of people who require to move strictly on the occasion of a reservation to hotels, cabins or accommodation establishments authorized by the Ministry of Health, either for entry or exit, duly accredited with the corresponding reservation voucher.
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