Temporary Permits for Foreign Vehicles Extended

During this COVID crisis, some people had arrived to the country with their vehicles and are currently stuck without the possibility to leave. The permits for their vehicles have expired and now they are stuck in Costa Rica.

The Customs Office from Costa Rica (Dirección General de Aduanas, or simply Aduanas) have created the option for those owners of foreign vehicles to extend their permits and avoid legal issues in Costa Rica.

Aduanas creted the possibility to exted the permits through Directives DIR-DGA-005-2020 and DIR-DGA-008-2020. These directives state that people who drove into Costa Rica and had obtained Temporary Import Permit (TIP) may have this permit extended up to July 17th 2020. They must meet the following criteria:

  • The vehicle was admitted into Costa Rica after December 17th, 2020.

  • To qualify for the extension the request must be filed before the expiration of the TIP

  • The request must be filed by the person named on the TIP.

These are the steps to request the extension:

  • Send email to the Customs office closest to you.

  • The Customs office you chose may request you to appear there and provide additional documentation.

You should have handy these document in case they are required of you:

  • Original title certificate

  • Local Insurance up to date

  • If the vehicle is not yours, the authorization issued by the owner or power of attorney.

The reques of the extention can be sent via email to one of the emails listed below.  





2539-4649, 2539-4669, 2539-4665


2258-6810, 2258-6609, 2258-6327 y 2258-6118



Peñas Blancas


La Anexión (Liberia)


Paso Canoas

2732-2801, 2732-2802, 2732-2803, 2732-2804


2440-0274, 2240-0275

Please note that Costa Rican nationals who obtained a TIP will not be able to get it extended past the 3-month line.

 Should you have any questions about the process you may email the ‘Punto de Enlace Aduanero’ at or call  2539-4949.

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