Getting Back to Sporting Activities

As part of the reopening of sports activities after the suspension by Covid-19, the Minister of Sport has approved a total of 11 guides for sports federations to comply with sanitary training provisions and one for competition for high-performance athletes.

The Minister of Sport, Hernán Solano Venegas, stated that some of the sporting activities include First Division Soccer (male and female), Bowling, Aquatic Teaching Centers, Athletics, Surfing, Gymnastics, Golf, Cheerleading and Field Tennis. Some of these have already resumed training exercises.

We know how important soccer is for Ticos, but there are lot of surf enthusiasts in the country. While the guidelines are progressive and currently it is not an open blanket for everyone to return to the water, it opens the window for surfers to get back to training.

“The importance of following the sanitary provisions and Covid-19 protocols will allow little by little to resume normal sports and recreational practices of different sports disciplines,” said Solano Venegas, announcing the successful start of training surfers on national beaches with restricted hours from 5 to 8 in the morning.

The president of the Costa Rican Surf Federation, Randall Chaves, described this first phase of training of three hours a day as very positive. “We believe that if we continue to behave in an orderly and correct manner as was done on the different beaches in this opening phase, we will be able to progress and open practices more and more,” he said.

“Our boys have been informing themselves through different media and they are clear that we have to respect the sanitary protocols that the government authorities have issued,” Chaves said.

Minister Solano urged the Costa Rican sports sector to respect the sanitary provisions issued by government authorities in the face of the national emergency, which to date totals 10 people dead and 882 positive cases of this disease.

This is an excerpt from the press release of the President’s Office. You can read the full text in Spanish here.

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