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4th Version Of The General Guidelines For Condominiums Due To Health Alert Triggered By Coronavirus (Covid-19)

On April 7th, 2020, the Ministry of Health published the latest version of these guidelines applicable to commercial and residential condominiums, as part of the preventative measures and mitigative actions issued following the COVID-19 alert.

As mentioned in our previously published communication regarding these guidelines, they will be reviewed periodically, and the latest version will be published in the Ministry of Health’s website, to be found here:


General guidelines

The following guidelines are intended for administrators, maintenance personnel, condominium owners, tenants, merchants and visitors of the condominium:

  • According to the government’s declared State of Emergency, massive commercial and social events must be cancelled.
  • It is not permitted to use common recreational areas such as clubhouses, roof terraces, jacuzzies, gyms, BBQing areas, cinema rooms, massage rooms, event rooms, etc.
  • Green areas or sports fields may be used for walking. Social distancing must be observed.
  • Swimming pools, both in private and in common areas, and in compliance with the temporary administrative measures aimed at avoiding massive gatherings, should remain closed.
  • Constructions and repairs: These are permitted in both affiliated properties and common areas, provided that the guidelines issued by the Ministry of Health regarding the necessary cleaning and hygiene measures are complied with.
  • In case of non-compliance with the measures regarding its use, the Administration or Administrative Board are authorized to restrict the use or impose new measures aimed at protecting the health of the people in the condominium.


Guidelines for the Board of Directors to refer to the administration of the Condominium

  • Establish a communication channel with tenants or condominium owners to coordinate with the health authorities and communicate with line 1322, in case anyone has any symptoms related to respiratory disease or might have been exposed to the disease.
  • Circulate through the different available channels (WhatsApp groups, bulletins, whiteboards, etc.) the guidelines and announcements issued by the Ministry of Health, as well as the specific guidelines published:
  • Communicate the services that will continue to be provided by the operation and maintenance staff of the condominium. It is important that the people who will continue to carry out their normal tasks apply the social distancing protocols.
  • The administration shall, as much as possible, interact with suppliers, tenants and clients via phone, email and virtual means.
  • Make an effort so that the regular meetings, meetings of the Board of Directors and Assemblies (if applicable), are carried out in virtual form. Otherwise the 50% capacity rule should be observed, and people must remain 1.8 meters apart from one another.
  • The entry of collaborators (maintenance personnel, domestic workers, educational tutors, etc.) that the owners, residents and tenants of the condo itself require, as well as those who supply food, medications or other everyday necessities, should not be prohibited.
  • As for elevators, it is recommended that they be labelled indicating that only residents of the same unit may go on the elevator so as to reduce infection possibilities between units.
  • Cleaning and hygiene measures should be intensified, especially for those surfaces that are frequently touched such as: handles, furniture, reception, lift buttons, doorknobs.
  • Ensure that administrative, maintenance and security personnel have enough protection supplies such as: soap and water, masks, gloves, hand sanitizer, disinfectant, disposable towels, etc.
  • Place sneezing and coughing protocols, handwashing protocols, other protocols in visible spaces. See here for ways of greeting, not touching your face, and populations at risk. (see annexes: ).
  • Guarantee continuous availability of toilet paper, antibacterial soap, disposable towels for hand drying and hand sanitizer in public toilets that are properly disinfected.


Guideline for homeowners and tenants

  • If you or any person within the condominium has symptoms associated with respiratory disease contact the administration for the established course of action.
  • In the event that someone has a Sanitary Order issued by the Ministry of Health, he/she must abide by the following Guideline: Version 1- March 18, 2020. Guidelines and regulations for the domiciliary isolation of Costa Ricans, residents and diplomats who enter the country due to the Coronavirus health alert (COVID-19).
  • Maintain hand washing, sneezing and coughing protocols, and do not touch your face, all by way of prevention.
  • Social distancing measures promoted by the Ministry of Health are recommended, as well as staying home and avoiding physical contact.
  • It is recommended that everyone abide by the provisions of the administration on the use of common areas and the holding of social events, in accordance with the disposition of the Board of Directors.
  • Stay informed about the national situation through official sources:
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