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Efforts done so far

Outlier Legal Services has been working on getting answers to outstanding questions that remain unaddressed during the COVID19 crisis.

So far, we have filed or will file clarification requests on the following items:

  • Will foreign nationals be allowed to drive with a valid foreign driver’s license but an expired entry stamp, considering they cannot depart the country during this health crisis?
  • Will Immigration suspend the upcoming penalties and fines that were supposed to apply starting April 21, 2020? We have suggested that, in view of the crisis and the chaos that may follow, these penalties and fines are suspended.
  • Will Immigration consider accepting Residency applications through other forms of communication such as e-mail or Correos de Costa Rica?
  • Considering the President informed that any foreign national with Residency, Special Category, Refugee status, or application in progress would lose their status if they departed the country starting March 24th, where is the Decree or Resolution that supports such statement? So far neither Immigration nor the Ministry of Health have issued the legal document that mentions this rule. It is featured in the Presidency’s summary of what was discussed on March 23rd, 2020, however, all other documents including La Gaceta, that is the official paper that publishes any Decree, Resolution, etc., mention nothing related to this. This is a pressing matter since it is restricting people’s rights to travel.

We are fully aware that our Authorities are doing what they can to contain an unprecedented health crisis and that responding to our inquiries may not be on the top of their list of priorities. However, we have the responsibility to use the legal tools at hand to ensure that the expat community is protected.

We will continue issuing suggestions and requesting clarifications on topics that are important to the community. As outliers, our intention is always to be part of the solution.

Stay safe.

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