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OMAVAD Supports the Integrated Center of Adult Education (CINDEA)

One of the institutions the OMAVAD Foundation is supporting is the Integrated Center of Adult Education (CINDEA).

What is the CINDEA?

The CINDEAs are education centers which are part of the Ministry of Public Education (MEP). They are for people who are 15 years old and older who didn’t finish their primary or high school studies. They are also for those who desire technical learning in order to help find work. In the CINDEA, students can carry on their academic learning or receive technical or classes in the arts. The advantage of the CINDEA is that students can finish high school in four years instead of five.

About CINDEA Turrialba

The CINDEA in Turrialba is located in the center of the city. There are a total of 368 students between 15-60 years old. Many of the students live in poverty or extreme poverty and come from rural areas. Even though the CINDEA receives money for scholarships it is not enough to help all the students.

We heard about the situation of CINDEA Turrialba from Anayanse Ramirez, the social worker who works there. In a meeting we had with her, she let us know that there are currently six pregnant women between the ages of 18 and 20 years old, young people struggling with drug addiction, as well as adults who just finished primary school. Every year the students need backpacks, shoes, school uniforms, bus money, and money for photocopies of books. Some of the struggles the students face are:

  • Being a single mother and student
  • Having a dysfunctional family
  • A lack of food


The Outlier Legal Services team decided to visit the school to get to know the students and listen to their needs. During this visit, we played some games and we did a SWOT analysis in order to identify the strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats at the CINDEA Turrialba. We were able to work with a group of 28 students between the ages of 16 and 25.

The results were the following:

Strengths: The staff’s professionalism, guidance from the social workers, the students’ team spirit, the school’s support, excellent personal presentation, scholarships, personal growth, and security.

Weaknesses: Poor ventilation, a lack of space, dirty bathrooms, precarious economic situations that the students are in, small cafeteria space, dysfunctional families, lack of money for bus tickets and photocopies, and the government’s lack of support.

Opportunities: The location of the CINDEA which is in the center of the city, a flexible schedule, fewer classes than regular high schools, extracurricular classes (baking, physical education, art, music, languages, and computer classes among others).

Threats: Homeless people outside of the school, drug addicts and drug sale around the school premises, bad smells outside of the school, trash outside of the school, fights outside of the school, a lack of safety on the way to the school, bad infrastructure, and noise pollution.

OMAVAD’s Support

OMAVAD helps the CINDEA by receiving donations of new and used high school supplies. Also, on December 2019, OMAVAD held the first fundraiser for CINDEA. The money will be used to cover a student’s transportation costs for 2020.

We are also starting a project of psychological support for the students. The aim is to help more students complete their studies by having tools to face every day struggles such as demotivation, time management, and self-doubt.

If you are interested in helping the students from CINDEA don’t hesitate to contact us at Any help is welcome.


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