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The city of Liberia, in Guanacaste

One of the oldest cities in Costa Rica, Liberia (Guanacaste) was the place of many historical moments in the country

Karen Olsen Beck

The former First Lady of Costa Rica came to the country to marry Former President José Figueres Ferrer in 1954

You can get a residence by marrying a Costa Rican

Residency for spouses is valid for one year but can be renewed annually. After three years, foreigners can apply for permanent residency

Foreigners applying for residence in Costa Rica or Panama will surely need to authenticate documents from their country of origin

If you need efficient vital records or court documents procurement and legalization in Costa Rica or Panama, turn to OLS Documents

Sunset at the beach in Costa Rica

Costa Rica retains the title of the happiest country in Latin America, above Uruguay and Panama, according to the World Happiness Report 2022


Around half of the world's migrants are women. We commemorate the International Women's Day by highlighting both their achievements and their hardships