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Work Contract Suspension vs Reduction of Work schedule.

Work Contract Suspension Reduction of Work schedule What does it mean? Employee: Suspension of his obligation to provide services. Employer: suspension of his obligation to pay salaries. The employer can modify the

tax relief costa rica

According to the latest guidelines promulgated by the Government, the Tax relief measures will be applicable to: a) VAT taxpayers, meaning people who sell assets or

Holy Week Vehicle Restriction & Curfew

This afternoon, Wednesday, April 1, 2020, the President announced the following new restrictions aiming to control the spread of the COVID-19 virus: 1. Long-distance transportation services


The following is a list of commonly asked questions regarding obtaining residency in Costa Rica: Is it true that there are various residency categories? That

Do-I-Need-to-Pay-for Caja-Insurance-as-a-Resident--

Let’s dispense with the suspense first; the answer to the question above is always a resounding, “Yes!” But let us explain a little bit about the


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