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She serves as an Senior Immigration Client Services Coordinator at Outlier Legal and has a degree in Political Science and is currently a Law student. María José Chavarría worked in the Visa Unit and the Immigration Management at DGME, as a consultant at the International Organization for Migration and as an observer for the TSE in the municipal elections. Dedicated and helpful are some adjectives that fit her perfectly.

Beginners Guide to Panama

Over the years, Panama has developed a reputation for great industry and development. This, of course, has attracted the attention of many expats who

Is América Central the same as Centroamérica?

As it is known in English, “Central America” is not an autonomous geographical entity, it is an isthmian region in the middle of the

Panama's Double Independence

Undoubtedly, one of the historical milestones of Panama was when it became an independent country. This is mainly because it was not an easy

Investor Category in Panama

Panama is a Central American country that in recent years has been known by its rapid development and economic growth. For this reason, is

Investor category in Costa Rica: everything you need to know

If you have invested or are planning to invest in Costa Rica with your own capital, you have the option to apply for a

Importing containers into Costa Rica

Living in Costa Rica is a very attractive idea for many foreigners around the world; the "Pura Vida" style, our peace, beaches, mountains and


If you are considering to be more than a tourist in this little paradise on Earth, you should research all the options that will