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Margaret Aliff is a true Outlier who chose to work as an independent contractor in different fields for most of her career. She is a US citizen who lived in many places but found her forever home in Costa Rica 15 years ago. Margaret finds fulfillment in retirement by helping people who want to move to Costa Rica.

Top 10 Reasons Why Costa Rica Is a Good Place to Grow Old

If you receive a $1000+ pension for life, you qualify for the Pensionado category of temporary legal residency in Costa Rica which will

What Can I Bring To Costa Rica?

If you are flying to Costa Rica, you should check with three different authorities (Airline, TSA and Customs) to determine what you are allowed

Notary Public Services in Costa Rica

Don’t make the same mistakes I made the first time I was required to have my signature notarized in Costa Rica. I did what

Holiday Baggage Embargo in Costa Rica

If you post this question to expats on FB, you will get many conflicting answers. This can be very frustrating. Who is right and