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Karen Ulate serves as the Senior Business Attorney and Notary Public at Outlier Legal. She has a Postgraduate Degree in Notary and Registry Law, and is currently studying her Master's in Business Administration. With over 10 years of experience in Corporate Law, Real Estate, Customer Service and Team Management. Positive and proactive, are some adjectives that fit her perfectly.

What exactly are the "Legal Books" we keep mentioning for your business?

This article is a brief introduction to the legal system in Costa Rica as it pertains to owning a corporation, this avenue of law

New tax benefits for employers hiring 45+ and over

If you are looking to hire people or have a team, you must follow the labor law regulations and be aware of the responsibilities,

The mandatory annual obligations of your company

When we talk about compliance with the obligations of your company, it means being in good standing with the established guidelines provided by the

Everything you need to know abour hiring workers in Costa Rica

If you are hiring someone in Costa Rica or if you already have employees, this article is for you. At Outlier Legal, we often have


When we talk about trademarks, we are referring to the signs that differentiate the services or goods, therefore these trademarks will have elements that


All companies established as corporations with legal address in Costa Rica are required to submit every April, the annual declaration of the Registry of Transparency


A notary public is an attorney that has been authorized by the State to legitimize and authenticate facts with public faith


If you want to import and register a vehicle in Costa Rica, be prepared for a slow and bureaucratic process

Hand signing a legal document

Starting a business is different in every part of the world due to the particular challenges you may come across, in addition each country

Two colleagues exchanging documents at the office

The calculation of severance pay (liquidación) in case of dismissal in Costa Rica is carried out in accordance with the Labor Code, the law that governs relations