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She shares her time between Samara and Kentucky. She is a former nurse turned attorney, actress, writer and entrepreneur. Her greatest role is that of Bebe to her two Grands. While in Costa Rica she loves quadding with her husband and friends while exploring the country.

What Happens If You Do Not Have CAJA Health Care Coverage in Costa Rica?

A part-time resident in Costa Rica shares her experience with using only private insurance and then paying the CAJA rates


So you've pulled up stakes, and you have packed your wagon and are headed to the tropics, as in Costa Rica?  You've had every family


Before you go out and buy some dancing shoes, you need to know that this is not an amazing new Latin dance. CAJA is

Lady in an airport wearing a mask and sitting in her luggage

A question for ExPats without Residency  If the events of the last 16 months have taught us anything it is the cardinal rule: “Be Prepared”.  I