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Journalist with more than 10 years of experience in the media. In Costa Rica, Alessandro spent five years working in 'La Nación' newspaper. In Spain, he was a journalist for the digital newspaper 'Economía Digital' between 2017 and 2021. He also has experience in radio, advertising and production of live shows.

Education for Expats in Costa Rica: Private, Public, or Home School?

Children, whether nationals or residents, are required to enroll in school at least until they finish primary education. There's a government program for those

Painting of San José, Costa Rica, in 1856

It took a long time for the territory now known as San José to surpass the resources and influence of other Costa Rican yesteryear

Costa Rica Grants Remote Workers the Right to Disconnect

A reform to the country's remote work law gives employees "the right to digital disconnection outside working hours"

The city of San José, capital of Costa Rica

Costa Rica is the Latin American country with more foreign residents per capita, but the country's history with immigration has been stormy

Introduction to Intellectual Property Laws in Costa Rica

Protection of intellectual property has had constitutional status in Costa Rica since 1949

Costa Rica Launches Its First Climate Change Adaptation Plan

"Climate change represents one of the greatest threats we have not only as a country but as a society," said the government

Residency Through Having a Child in Costa Rica: What You Need to Know

Any child born in this country is a Costa Rican and any parent of a Costa Rican child can opt for permanent residency

New Law Facilitates the Establishment of Economic Free Zones Outside of Costa Rica's GAM

The new law responds to a trend of taking investment to rural areas of the country and the need to close the gaps between

Costa Rica Extends Benefits to Electric Vehicles Until 2035 (Including Used Cars)

"Another big step for electric mobility in the country," says the Costa Rican Association of Electric Mobility (Asomove)

Mask mandate lifted in Costa Rica

It's official: the new Costa Rican President Rodrigo Chaves posted a new decree lifting the mask mandate in the country, starting on May 11,