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He serves as the Lead Real Estate Team Manager at Outlier Legal. Andrés Rodríguez is finishing his Law Degree from La Salle University. Before joining our staff, he worked as a Senior Escrow Agent and in the legal department of Repretel. Resilient and attentive are adjectives that fit him perfectly.

Selling Your Property For Dummies

Someone I appreciate once told me that there are five P's for success in a Real Estate Deal, those P's translate to: Prior, Planning,

Restrictions on Property Ownership and Use

Both Foreigners and Costa Rican nationals enjoy equal rights under the law when it comes to land and property ownership, unless the owner bought the

Does your property have water?

In Costa Rica all water is owned by the State, so ideally, water availability should not be an issue. However, as you may already know,

Pay your HOA dues

It takes more than just falling in love with a condo that looks fantastic on paper to make a successful real estate investment in

Escrow account in Costa Rica

Now that you have entered a sales and purchase agreement for a Costa Rican property, you should focus on setting up an Escrow account.