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Costa Rica Covid-19 Updates: QR Code Delayed to March, Restriction Now Starts at Midnight

Updates about Covid-19 restrictions and measures in Costa Rica

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UPDATE — Friday, January 21, 2022

Costa Rica has yet again delayed the implementaion of QR code scheme regarding proof of vaccination against Covid-19.

It was to have started Feb 7. but now it has been pushed to March 7. Starting on that day, most commercial venues are required to ask for proof of vaccination (be it the QR code or the vaccination card) to allow entrance, except for services deemed as essential.

The Costa Rican government also announced this Friday a new set of restrictions that will be in force from January 24, 2022, to February 15, 2022. The car restriction, which for the past two weeks has started at 10 p.m., will now start at midnight and last until 5 a.m.

Also, there are plate restrictions limited to the Loop Road of San José from Monday to Friday, depending on the last number of the car plate.

Several institutions “will execute a plan to supervise capacity and sanitary measures for shops, shopping centers, cultural events, sports activities and bars. In addition, operations will be carried out to control clandestine events”, said the government.

Without the QR code scheme officialy implemented bars, restaurants and other commercial establishments are allowed to work at 100% capacity if they voluntarily ask for proof of vaccination, but if they don’t they’re are supposed to work at only 50%.

During the rest of January sports, cultural, academic and business mass activities may operate at 60% capacity if they ask for the QR code and 30% if they don’t; and in February they can work at 40% without QR and 80% if they ask for proof of vaccination.



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