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We Are Here for You

My dear friends, I cannot be thankful enough for your support and your patience. We all know and hope to understand the challenges that COVID 19 has brought. Notwithstanding the situation, we have been here and will

My dear friends,

I cannot be thankful enough for your support and your patience.

We all know and hope to understand the challenges that COVID 19 has brought. Notwithstanding the situation, we have been here and will continue to be here for you. Your support and patronage allow us to make the necessary investments to address your needs.

Who we are

We are as diverse as our clients. Our team is composed of attorneys, service experts, document experts, writers and accountants. Many of our staff are expats themselves. They come from Canada, China, United States, Costa Rica, Panama, Venezuela, Mexico, Germany and Russia. We speak your language and we understand your challenges because we go through them ourselves – with blood, sweat and tears.

To be an expat requires us to pay attention to many details. From the obvious immigration services to
the estate planning and accounting, there are multiple areas that we need to pay attention to with the
intention of getting your bases covered.

This year we increased our workforce by 180%. We started the year with 25 employees, and we are ending the year with 70 employees in three countries. Outlier Legal will keep on growing to make sure that we get the job done for you.

We are a team of expats working for expats. We are here for you and we are thankful for you being here with us.

What we do

Being an expat is not an easy choice to make. It is already emotional enough to leave your country and purchase a new home, open a new business and make a life somewhere new. Beyond the emotional toll of going beyond the comfort zone of your old self, there also comes the challenges of dealing with the legalities of making everything happen. What do we do? We help you make it happen. We are dedicated to assist you with making your dreams come true.

What we have been doing

With the increasing challenges raised by local agencies, we have been required to adapt, and that includes to increase our team, not only in numbers but in knowledge and skill. This year we have made a significant effort to bring the professionals with the experience and knowledge to address the challenges ahead of us, ahead of you.

We have been improving our technology, our systems, our staff and our training. Change takes time, but we are going the distance in making sure that we get the job done. Your patronage and your patience are key elements to bring about the adjustments that you deserve.


What will happen next

By the end of March 2022, we expect to reach several milestones related to training, staffing and technology.

Our main goals for the first quarter of 2022 are to:

  1. To improve communication with our clients and within our staff. Communication is key to become more efficient, to address challenges in a timely fashion, and to set and meet expectations.

  2. Along with communication, we are also investing in bringing writers and researchers to provide the content you need to keep you informed.

  3. To improve our systems, which at the end of the day allow us to handle the multitude of tasks and projects required to provide you with better service. Our investments in technology will allow us to get the job done on your behalf, while you focus on the things that matter.


Thank you

As we experience significant increase in demand for our services, and as we are adjusting to these challenges, we also understand that communicating with us also has a lot of room for improvement.

I can only thank you for your patience during this year, and at the same time assure you that our commitment with you has been to get the job done, and we will continue focusing on that.


From all of us at Outlier Legal, we wish you a warm Holiday Season and a fantastic New Year!



Attorney and Entrepreneur with more than 15 years experience in: immigration law in the US and Latin American countries including Argentina, Chile, Colombia, Brazil, Costa Rica and Panama. In addition, Rafael has extensive experience in Business Law, Estate Planning, and Real Estate. Lastly, Rafael has developed experience in people management, talent development and business development.

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