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Learn About the Guarantee Deposit for Temporary and Permanent Residents

In September 2019 the Immigration Department (DGME) updated the security deposits that must be paid by foreign nationals upon approval of the application for residency. Previously, the amounts were the same regardless of the country

In September 2019 the Immigration Department (DGME) updated the security deposits that must be paid by foreign nationals upon approval of the application for residency. Previously, the amounts were the same regardless of the country the applicant was from. 

It is important for people to learn about the rates for the security deposit as it is a cost of the entire process.

The purpose of the security deposit is to have funds available to cover the repatriation costs when a person is deported or cancels the residency. It is possible for people to recover the security deposit once they obtain citizenship, or as noted, when the residency is cancelled.



Country Continent City Amount in US$ (Includes ICT 5% tax)
Angola Africa Luanda 2,104.00
Algeria Africa Algiers 2,236.00
Burundi Africa Bujumbura 2,231.00
Cape Verde Africa Island of Sal 4,785.00
Cameroon Africa Douala 2,561.00
Comoros Africa Moroni 2,178.00
Chad Africa N’ Ndjamena 2,160.00
Congo Africa Brazzaville 1,492.00
Djibouti Africa Djibouti 1,869.00
Egypt Africa Cairo 1,717.00
Ethiopia Africa Addis Ababa 2.612.00
Gabon Africa Libreville 3,307.00
Gambia Africa Banjul 2,498.00
Ghana Africa Accra 2,348.00
Guinea Africa Conakry 2,690.00
Guinea-Bissau Africa Bissau 3,082.00
Kenya Africa Nairobi 2,241.00
Liberia Africa Monrovia 2,810.00
Libya Africa Tripoli 2,532.00
Madagascar Africa Antananarivo 2,267.00
Malawi Africa Lilongwe 3,124.00
Mali Africa Bamako 2,782.00
Morocco Africa Casablanca 1,939.00
Mauritius Africa Port Louis 2,033.00
Mauritania Africa Nouakchott 3,553.00
Mozambique Africa Maputo 3,875.00
Niger Africa Niamey 2,857.00
Nigeria Africa Lagos 2,480.00
Central African Republic Africa Bangui 3,280.00
Reunion Africa St. Denis Reu 3,279.00
Rwanda Africa Kigali 2,688.00
Senegal Africa Dakar 2,864.00
Sierra Leone Africa Freetown 2,808.00
Somalia 1 Africa Addis Ababa 2,612.00
South Africa Africa Johannesburg 2,309.00
Sudan Africa Khartoum 2,635.00
Tanzania Africa Dar es Salaam 2,387.00
Togo Africa Lomé 2,775.00
Tunisia Africa Tunisia 2,039.00
Uganda Africa Entebbe 2,315.00
Zaire Africa Kinshasa 2,144.00
Zambia Africa Lusaka 2,139.00
Zimbabwe (Rhodesia) 2 Africa Johannesburg 2,309.00
Antigua America Saint John’s 982.00
Argentina America Buenos Aires 1,043.00
Aruba America Oranjestad 536.00
Bahamas America Nassau 548.00
Barbados America Bridgetown 1,075.00
Belize America Belmopan 751.00
Bermuda America Hamilton 733.00
Bolivia America La Paz 722.00
Brazil America Rio de Janeiro 1,064.00
Canada America Ottawa 483.00
Chile America Santiago 1,050.00
Colombia America Bogota 683.00
Cuba America Havana 285.00
Dominica America Roseau 1,216.00
Ecuador America Quito 555.00
El Salvador America San Salvador 283.00
United States America Washington 361.00
Grand Cayman America George Town 587.00
Grenada America St. George’s 1,070.00
Guatemala America Guatemala 281.00
Guyana America Georgetown 1,241.00
French Guiana America Cayenne 1,370.00
Haiti America Port-au-Prince 706.00
Honduras America San Pedro Sula 300.00
Jamaica America Kingston 592.00
Mexico America Mexico City (Federal District) 520.00
Nicaragua America Managua 293.00
Panama America Panama City 320.00
Paraguay America Asuncion 616.00
Peru America Lima 617.00
Puerto Rico America San Juan 600.00
Dominican Republic America Santo Domingo 596.00
Saint Vincent America Kingstown 1,368.00
Saint Lucia America Castries 1,115.00
Suriname 3 America Georgetown 1,241.00
Trinidad & Tobago America Port Spain 779.00
Uruguay America Montevideo 931.00
Venezuela America Caracas 617.00
Afghanistan Asia Kabul 2,406.00
Saudi Arabia Asia Riyadh 2,483.00
Bahrein Asia Manama 2,391.00
Bangladesh Asia Dhaka 2,189.00
Brunei Asia Bandar Seri Begawan 2,018.00
Cambodia Asia Phnom Penh 1,871.00
Cyprus Asia Larnaka 1,928.00
United Arab Emirates Asia Abu Dhabi 2,664.00
Philippines Asia Manila 1,948.00
Hong Kong Asia Victoria 1,178.00
India Asia New Delhi 1,774.00
Indonesia Asia Jakarta 1,643.00
Iraq Asia Baghdad 2,812.00
Iran Asia Tehran 1,848.00
Israel Asia Tel Aviv 1,436.00
Japan Asia Tokyo 1,622.00
Jordan Asia Amman 1,707.00
Kazakhstan 4 Asia Moscow 1,415.00
Kyrgyzstan 4 Asia Moscow 1,415.00
Kuwait Asia Kuwait 2,132.00
Lebanon Asia Beirut 2,093.00
Malaysia Asia Kuala Lumpur 1,778.00
Myanmar Asia Yangon 2,539.00
Nepal Asia Kathmandu 2,415.00
Oman Asia Muscat 2,329.00
Pakistan Asia Islamabad 2,021.00
Qatar Asia Doha 2,078.00
Republic of China (Taiwan) Asia Taipei 1,910.00
Republic of Korea Asia Seoul 2,154.00
People’s Republic of China Asia Beijing 1,486.00
Democratic People’s Republic of Korea 5 Asia Beijing 1,486.00
Singapore Asia Singapore 1,777.00
Syria Asia Damascus 2,262.00
Sri Lanka Asia Colombo 1,665.00
Thailand Asia Bangkok 2,764.00
Tajikistan 4 Asia Moscow 1,415.00
Turkmenistan 4 Asia Moscow 1,415.00
Turkey Asia Istanbul 1,425.00
Uzbekistan 4 Asia Moscow 1,415.00,
Vietnam Asia Ho Chi Minh 1,784.00
Yemen Asia Sanaa 2,263.00
Albania Europe Tirana 2,170.00,
Germany Europe Berlin 1,401.00
Andorra Europe Andorra La Vella 1,270.00
Armenia 4 Europe Moscow 1,415.00
Austria Europe Vienna 1,532.00
Azerbaijan 4 Europe Moscow· 1,415.00
Belgium Europe Brussels 1,527.00
Belarus 4 Europe Moscow 1,415.00
Bosnia and Herzegovina 6 Europe Belgrade 1,592.00
Bulgaria Europe Sofia 1,943.00
Croatia Europe Zagreb 2,264.00
Denmark Europe Copenhagen 1,799.00
Scotland Europe Edinburgh 1,461.00
Slovakia 7 Europe Prague 1,642.00
Slovenia 4 Europe Moscow 1,415.00
Spain Europe Madrid 1,061.00
Estonia 4 Europe Moscow 1,415.00
Russian Federation Europe Moscow 1,415.00
Finland Europe Helsinki 1,550.00,
France Europe Paris 1,239.00
Georgia 4 Europe Moscow 1,415.00
Hungary Europe Budapest 1,602.00
Ireland Europe Dublin 1,083.00
Iceland Europe Reykjavik 2,882.00
Italy Europe Rome 1,730.00
Latvia 4 Europe Moscow 1,415.00
Liechtenstein Europe Vaduz 1,238.00
Lithuania Europe Vilnius 2,019.00
Luxembourg Europe Luxembourg 1,543.00
Malta Europe Valletta 1,700.00
Moldova 4 Europe Moscow 1,415.00
Norway Europe Oslo 1,601.00
Netherlands (Holland) Europe Amsterdam 1,568.00
Poland Europe Warsaw 1,580.00
Portugal Europe Lisbon 1,533.00
Principality of Monaco Europe Monaco-Ville 1,207.00
United Kingdom (Great Britain) Europe London 1,301.00
Czech Republic Europe Prague 1,642.00
Hellenic Republic (Greece) Europe Athens 1,362.00
Vatican Holy See Europe Vatican City 1, 730.00
Serbia and Montenegro (formerly Yugoslavia) Europe Belgrade 1,592.00
Sweden Europe Stockholm 1,562.00
Switzerland Europe Zurich 1,310.00


Australia Oceania Sydney 2,222.00
Fiji Oceania Nadi 2,147.00
New Zealand Oceania Auckland 2,236.00
French Polynesia (Tahiti) Oceania Papeete 1,848.00
Samoa Oceania Apia 1,377.00




Country Central America City Amount in US$ (Includes ICT 5% tax)
Nicaragua Central America Managua 20.00
Panama Central America Panama City 29.00




Country Continent City Amount in US$ (Includes ICT 5% tax)
Afghanistan Asia Kabul 3,208.00
Bangladesh Asia Dhaka 2,918.00
Cuba America Havana 380.00
Eritrea 1 Africa Addis Ababa 3,438.00
Ethiopia Africa Addis Ababa 3,438.00
Haiti America Port-au-Prince 942.00
Iraq Asia Baghdad 3,749.00
Iran Asia Tehran 2,464.00
Jamaica America Kingston 789.00
Myanmar Asia Yangon 3,385.00
Palestine 2 Asia Tel Aviv 1,914.00
Democratic People’s Republic of Korea 3 Asia Beijing 1,981.00
Syria Asia Damascus 3,016.00
Somalia Africa Addis Ababa 3,438.00
Sri Lanka Asia Colombo 2,220.00


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