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Moving Your Residency Forward During the Pandemic

Let’s talk about life in Costa Rica. In the last few weeks, it's possible that you might heard some important news pertaining to the COVID-19 situation in this small Latin American country, however, if you

Moving your residency forward during the Pandemic

Let’s talk about life in Costa Rica. In the last few weeks, it’s possible that you might heard some important news pertaining to the COVID-19 situation in this small Latin American country, however, if you have not, let me break the internet for you.

On March 6th, Costa Rica had the first person diagnosed with COVID-19, however, two months later, as in the second week of May 2020, Costa Rica only has 277 active cases and 520 recovered people in the whole country along with 7 unfortunate deaths.

The Costa Rican strategy has been related not only to our amazing and organized health system but to the education and discipline of our people. In the last few years, the country has destined around 7,4% – 8% of the GDP to education, and as you can notice the efforts have been growing. In fact, the group of experts at the Clodomiro Picado Institute is working on the development of serum from the donated plasma blood provided by the recovered patients, if the tests succeed Costa Rica will be a pioneer in the treatment against COVID-19.

Life in the Tropics

The country has a population of 5 million people; Costa Ricans can be translated as hard-working people, friendly and humble humans beings with dreams and aspirations as yours, people who believe that after this pandemic, together, we can create and built a better world, because we have never been more united as in this moment.

Just a few months ago, our country was well known for the beaches, for our coffee, the sloths, the volcanos and mostly because we hold 6% of the biodiversity in the whole world. However, we are very proud to let you know that Costa Rica is now identified as a world example due to their good measures and success fighting the COVID- 19 battle. We might not have an army but our soldiers are in the front line of every hospital facility ready to fight this pandemic.

Costa Rica, a country of immigrants, full of golden opportunities and success, a country of loud possibilities. A country that has been waiting for you, so why should you wait to move forward with your residency process or your citizenship in Costa Rica?

You might not know but around 8% of the population comes from our immigrant friends. In Outlier Legal Services we are very proud to let you know that if you may like to participate in that % of immigrants in the country, we are available to assist you with this matter. Please be advised, that even if you are not in the country at this moment, we can still assist you with the document procurement and some other aspects of residency.

What are my options?

If you are interested, let me mention the different options to choose from such as the followings:

  • Retired People (Pensionados): If you, or your spouse, are receiving a lifetime monthly pension of at least $1,000 USD per month, let’s talk.
  • Temporary Residency for People with People Fixed Income (Rentistas): Similarly, if you, or your spouse, receive an income of at least $2,500 per month (or $30,000 USD per year), individually, you could qualify for Temporary Residency as a Person with Fixed Income, or Rentista.
  • Temporary Residency for Investors: As well, if you, or your spouse, have invested $200,000 USD in qualifying projects, or $100,000 USD in forestry project, individually, you could qualify for Temporary Residency as an Investor in Costa Rica.
  • Temporary Residency Through Marriage to a Costa Rican: If you are married to a Costa Rican citizen are eligible for temporary residence through marriage.
  • Permanent Residency for Parents of Costa Ricans: If you are the parent of a child or children born in Costa Rica, or who are Costa Rica citizens, you could qualify for Permanent Residency as a Parent of a Costa Rican.
  • Costa Rica Citizenship / Naturalization: If you have been married to a Costa Rican for at least two years, and have remained in the country for at least those two years, or if you have been a resident for at least seven years in Costa Rica, you qualify for naturalization or citizenship.

Let’s close the deal

If you are still hesitating this thought, let me change your mind with some Costa Rican facts:

  • Costa Rica’s health system is ranked 3rd worldwide and #1 in Latin America.
  • We do not have an army since 1948.
  • Costa Rica was ranked 3rd as the retirement paradise.
  • We have more than 120 volcanoes in the country.
  • We have a sloth sanctuary
  • 25% of the land in our country is protected.
  • Have you heard about the Blue Zones? Well, Nicoya is one of them.
  • We are eco-friendly
  • Education is free
  • We have the lowest mortality due to the COVID-19 in Latin America.
  • Most foreign friends will confirm that the right choice was made when they decided to move legally to Costa Rica.

And if you are already part of the percentage of immigrants in Costa Rica, we are very glad to have you in our country. Thank you for choosing Costa Rica, you have contributed to make this country a better place, we will always be grateful to you for growing with us.

Do not hesitate to contact us in order to receive further information regarding the categories, as well, our immigration team will be providing you different payment plans to choose from.

We look forward to receiving an e-mail from you! But in the meantime, take care and be safe.



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